• Roleplay Adventure Map
  • Hollow Choosing the name 'Aroth'
  • Darkest Dungeon - Glorious Aroth and Crazed Aroth
  • Darkest Dungeon - Masked Aroth

Origin Edit

In the premier episode of season 3 of Mapstravaganza, Rage and Hollow looked at a map them role playing as different characters while playing an adventure map. Rage chose to the character Zerrick Maddox, the warden of a small town and Hollow chose to be the character Aroth, The traveling thief because it fit his rouge type personality and the name 'Aroth' sounds like his real name 'Aaron'. Hollow wasn't much into the role play and didn't seem to play along much other than attacking Rage or trying to steal from him. Rage got into it by attempting to speak in Old English to go with a medieval or fantasy theme. He would yell out to Hollow by saying 'Aroth!' and even after the map was over he continued doing this throughout the entire episode just to annoy him. Later in other episodes of mapstrav he would reference back to this by calling Hollow by the name Aroth and speaking in old english. It has basically became Hollow's fantasy themed name.

Fandom Involvement Edit

After the episode where Rage first called Hollow Aroth, Many of Hollow's videos had comments calling him Aroth and quoting Rage saying things like 'AROTH! WHERE ART THOU?!' and so on. People in Hollow's stream chats also did similar things to this and generally tried to annoy him by calling him Aroth. When Hollow played the game 'Darkest Dungeon', he asked the viewers what to name his characters. A lot of people kept suggesting Aroth so Hollow eventually named characters things like 'Glorious Aroth', 'Crazed Aroth' and 'Masked Aroth'.