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  • Gaint Axe
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  • Gaint Stump
  • Gaint Axe In A Stump
  • Spinning Swords
  • recreation of the axe in the stump by somecoolstuff

Origin Edit

On November 27th 2014, Rage and Hollow looked at a map on Mapstravaganza of a Frozen Battle by SomeCoolStuff. Frozen battle maps are basically a style of map with many different Armour stands set up to look like different people in The Crew, armies fighting or even pop cultural references. The maps are meant to look as if they were a snapshot in time or that time was frozen. This particularly map involved member of The Crew each with their own armies and bases. At Hollows base, he had horses, an armory and a forge for making weapons. Within the forge was a stump and upon the stump was an Axe. The axe was able to be in the stump through the power of Minecraft command blocks. It was ther by being placed in the hand of an invisible Armour stand and then posed in that way. Hollow was amazed by this having not seen it before. He made a comment about it because he considered it to be a nice touch but Rage said 'Hollow - Easily impressed since 1993'.

Fandom Involvement Edit

After seeing Hollow be so impressed by the first Axe In A Stump, The community began recreating it and placing them around their maps to please Hollow or to get a reaction from him. There have been many different versions of the Axe In A Stump such as a giant 3D version by Picturesquee or even a spinning diamonds sword in a stump SomeCoolStuff, Metro Productions , and CadeAnder