• Logo
  • Ice Cream
  • Extreme Secret
  • Going Down
  • Hallway
  • BatSheep Inspections
  • The Facility
  • BatSheep
  • H Shaped Doors
  • Complex Redstone
  • Outside
  • Bio-Dome
  • Living Conditions
  • Rage's Room
  • The Base
  • Looking Up
  • Logo
  • BSI
  • Facility
  • The Nether Expansion
  • Massive Attack Robot

About Edit

As an answer to Rage's Fish Spider Industries and its multiple branches. Spud McCullough built a map that was featured on Mapstravaganza that served as a rival company run by Hollow. It had been previously established that Hollow was a health inspector of Rage's facility so therefore this new base was meant to be used to inspect Rage and possibly bring him down in an epic battle of good and evil. Batsheep Inspections is the Aperture to the Rage Mesa.

Much like FSI, BatSheep Inspections has a cover operation which is an ice cream shop shaped like giant ice cream cones. On the inside is an ice cream machine with levers and signs that say things like 'Extreme chocolate, Extreme Strawberry, Extreme Mint and Extreme Vanilla' but when the lever which says 'Extreme Secret' is pulled, a block in the floor moves through piston activation revealing a ladder leading down to a stone hallway which leads to the actual facility. The facility is an awesome looking space ship like thing with an epic logo on it suspended in the air by four towers above a pool of lava.

Inside the facility are things like teleporters to get to higher areas, biodomes for growing food and Redstone Labs where Hollow tests out complex redstone and deems some of it unsafe. Hollow's company is more moral than Rage's which mean it has actual living standard work places for its employees and also has a humane prison cell for Rage with an actual bed which is more than Rage does in the cells he usually has for Hollow. BSI are the good guys so they do not kill, 'Just maim or wound' according to Hollow. Lastly, through the portal there is a nether expansion where BatSheep Inspections is building a Massive Attack Robot to fight against FSI's Giant Spider Mech.

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