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A senpai is a Japanese word for someone who is of a higher social standard. The term 'Notice me senpai' is usually a junior hoping they would get the attention of the senpai.

Chair Senpai Edit

People in the community often call Rage or other members of The Crew 'Senpai' and ask to be noticed in chat. Then one time when Rage was Twitch streaming, he walked off camera leaving his screen as just his black leather chair and a plain wall. The chat began saying 'Notice me Chair Senpai' talking to the inanimate object on screen. The trend continued among the chat, Rage thought it was funny and began taping a piece of paper with a face on to his chair.

The Twitter Account Edit

On July 12th 2014, A Novelty Twitter account named 'ChairSenpai' started tweeting out things like:

"So stream is over, I shall see you all later my subjects <3"
"I can finally rest, my powers needs recharging. Thank you, @RageGamingVideo , for giving me the screen time I diserve."
"Today, I will chair more"
"A lot of sitting is happening. I approve."
"My subjects, remember to sit down once in a while, it helps my brethren. Don't worry, they were made for that purpose."
The profile image of the account was an image of a Black Leather Chair like Rage's with a blushing anime face guy on it. It had a location tag of 'Under Rage's Butt' and The description said:

"It was until very recently I got noticed, and now you all want me to notice you.. We shall prevail together, my subjects."
The Chair Senpai twitter was officially noticed and addressed by various members of The Crew such as Rage and Evanz. Chair Senpai had many conversations with the people in the community. He last tweeted on 'Aug 23rd 2014' and has remained inactive since then. It is still unknown as to who ran the account but the two prevailing hypothesizes are either an ordinary fan of Rage's streams or an actual sentient chair that Rage sits on.

Hollow's Wall and Fluke's Lamp Edit

As a sort of reaction to the idea of Chair Senpai, people began trying to make objects in Hollow and Fluke's streams to be a significant as Rage's chair. Whenever Hollow would leave off camera to do something, the only thing left on screen would be his wall. When Fluke left the only thing that was on screen was his lamp. People sometimes referred to Fluke's lamp as 'The Lamp of Destiny' . These ideas did not catch on as much as Chair Senpai.