Hes Real Platinum God
Some attributes
Moral Stance Unknown
Colors Unknown
Fans Unknown
Other attributes

About Edit

CookiesAndMil is a prominent contributor to the RageGamingVideos community. He has been on various shows on Rage's channel such as Redstone Rumble, Tunnel of Terror and Tunnel of Terror S2 which is a map he actually helped build. He posts frequently on the SubRedditand has had many of his solo maps featured on Mapstravaganza. He also builds as a member of The Crew Build Team.

As you can probably tell by his profile picture, he is a big fan of the game Binding of Issac and has bragged in his maps before that he has gotten 'Real Platinum God' in the game.

He's a person who does maps and redstone and some shit.

Trivia: Edit

  • He has real Platinum God.
  • Cookies likes to keep the last letter of the Mil_ a secret.

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