Cubic Complex
Some attributes
Moral Stance Chaotic Order
Colors Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple
Fans N/A
Other attributes

About Edit

CubicComplex is a redstoner and proud member of Tartaurus. He has created many Mapstravaganza maps, been a victor of Minecraft Redstone Rumble numerous times and is currently the first and only champion of the Minecraft Tunnel of Terror.

Cubic was first introduced in an episode on Mapstravaganza season 2 on October 23, 2014 on Hollow's channel. His map consisted of all his minecraft projects at that time into one map, Hollow and Rage were really impressed with both the map and Cubic and hoped to see more of him and his maps soon.

Other Mapstravaganzer appearances:

100th Mapstrav SpecialEdit

Cubic first became intergrated in the 100th episode map when got into contact with another map maker, GeonosianWarrior. They talked for a bit and then eventually decided to create this project, they invited other map makers such as Epocalyse , Metro Productions , PieFacePro , as well as other map makers.


Soon after the special, many building teams were impressed with Cubic's work, he was invited to TCBT by Runapia, and then eventually Curaxu invited him into Team Tartaurus.

Minecraft Tunnel of Terror Season 2 Edit

CubicComplex was part of the team who built and redstoned the new Tunnel of Terror. Cubic had his hand in the building process, working mostly on the pillars, pirate fort and waves, and also redstoned the wave machine and lives system alongside Iodachi and Hyprosis.

Minecraft Quick Build Challenge: Survival of the Fittest Edit

CubicComplex and Iodachi also did all of the redstone needed for MInecraft Quick Build Challenge Survival of the Fittest. This involved an analog redstone clock, arena selecting system and arena reset mechanism. Cubic is also responsible for creating armorstands of the previous winners in The Reactor.

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