• Hollow defeating the crystal lizard in the tutorial area
  • Hollow's first character in the first episode
  • Hollow getting the Lothric Knight Armor
  • Hollow fighting a demon dog
  • Hollow talking to Irina
  • Hollow looking up at the High Wall of Lothric
  • Hollow fighting a knight at the Crucifixion Woods
  • Hollow heading to a bonfire in Farron Keep
  • Hollow's side character on episode 10
  • Hollow taking the path after the Crystal Sage
  • Hollow near the end of Zombie Graveyard episode
  • Hollow fighting a spider-like creature in the Cathedral of the Deep
  • Hollow fighting a fire demon ins the catacombs
  • Hollow running down the roof of the Cathedral of the Deep
  • Hollow's character being relieved after killing an invader with only 6 health
  • Hollow finding High Lord Wolnir's cup
  • Hollow talking to the stuck Onion Bro
  • Hollow's main character as of episode 19
  • Hollow after getting killed by two Silver Knights

About Edit

Hollow started his Dark Souls 3 playthrough on his YouTube channel on April 11th, 2016. He created his character with the base being a thief for his main character. However on some episodes his recording software has had malfunctions and so he has had to play on his side character named "Guts" which is his light character while his main character named "Hollow" will be a dark wraith that excels in pyromancy, archery, as well as dexterity.

It Begins(Ep 1)


Hollow pulling out the sword from Iodex's chest

Hollow posted the first episode of his Dark Souls blind playthrough on April 11th, he creates his character with the basic thief class. In this episode he wanders around the tutorial area once the cutscene of his character rising out of the grave. Hollow continues to wander around the area and finds a hidden path that leads to a giant crystal lizard, he is able to fight and beat the lizard on his first try with the basic thief dagger. As his reward he gets a titanite scale that allows a boss weapon to be reinforced to a +4. After this he continues down that path that leads to the first boss "Iudex Gundyr" He is once again able to defeat the boss in his first try earning him the bosses soul.

The Shrine(Ep 2)Edit


Hollow first arriving at the Lothric High Wll

In this episode, Hollow continues from where he left in the first episode, right after defeating Iudex; Hollow opens the door to the Firelink Shrine(hence the name of the video) He mostly spends time talking to the NPC's and buying things from the vendor. Eventually, he goes to the Lothric Highwall and gets as far as the 2nd bonfire.

Big Fat Vordt(Ep 3) Edit


Hollow fighting Vordt

On the third episode of the Dark Souls 3 playthrough, Hollow continues on through the High Wall of Lothric finding many secrets along the way, such as an estus shard and a tiny crystal lizard. he continues and is able to rescue Greirat, a lonely thief. Greirat asks Hollow to give a woman in the Undead Settlement a ring, he then disappears and becomes a vendor in the Firelink Shrine. Hollow then continues from there and defeats the Lothric knights guarding an NPC by the name of Emma as well as guarding the way to the next boss. Hollow then skips the NPC Emma; and goes straight to boss. On his way he defeats two more Lothric knights and the red-eyed Lothric knight and gains the "Lothric Knight chest Piece." Afterwords, he goes into the boss area where a cutscene happens that shows the next boss coming out of the portal, revealing the boss's name to be Vordt. Hollow is then able to defeat Vordt on his first try as well, he then goes to the bonfire that spawned after defeating the boss and ends the episode there.

The Undead Settlement(Ep 4)Edit


Hollow checking out the archer on the tower

In the fourth episode of Hollow's Dark Souls 3 blind playthrough, Hollow goes to talk to Emma(the NPC he missed in the last episode) there, he gets a banner. He takes the banner past the place where he defeated Vordt, past the doors, and out onto the ledge. There he raised the banner and 3 winged creatures grab him and fly over to the next area which is the Undead Settlement. There he starts checking out the area and looting the place gaining another estus shard along the way. eventually he stops on a bridge near a bonfire that he doesn't notice. So he heads back to the second bonfire of the undead settlement and teleports to the Firelink Shrine, ending the episode there.

The Giant Archer + Onions(Ep 5)Edit


Hollow talking to Onion Bro

At the start of this episode, Hollow heads back to the Undead Settlement and goes down the left path rather than the right path and finds some estus soup and the crest of the sunlight covenant, as well as finding out what happened to the womand named Larreta(the woman Greirat asked you to give the ring to) all you find is her bone. Hollow then heads back to the Firelink Shrine and gives Greirat the bone and leaves as Greirat weeps for the loss of Loretta. Hollow continues on and finds a path that has giant arrows sticking out of it. He starts to walk down the past, only to get hit by one of these arrows and backs off. Hollow then decided to go back down the path that he went down during the last episode, there he finds the bonfire that he missed in episode 4. After that he kills all the monsters there and gets a large sword that one of the monsters used but decides to stick with his current weapon as he didn't have enough strength to use it properly. Eventually he reaches an elavator and meets an Onion knight from Catarina(an NPC) which brings back a lot of memories from the Dark Souls 2 stream playthrough that Hollow did to get hyped for Dark Souls 3 release. He takes the elavator up the tower and talks to the giant archer where the giant offers his help to get rid of the monsters on the arrow-littered path, Hollow accepts his help after nerding out over how the giant had Hawkeyes bow from a previous souls game. After talking to the archer, Hollow looks down from the tower and notices a giant firey demon, and then decides to end the episode.

The Crused Tree and Demons( Ep 6)Edit


Hollow fighting the Curse-Rotted Greatwood

Hollow starts the episode from the tower that he ended the last episode on, he decides to take the elavator down to the basement where he faces off against the Outrider Knight(a miniboss of sorts) it was a close match but Hollow was able to defeat the knight before his health dropped to 0, as a reward, he got the "Irithiyll Straight Sword" and continued on and got to the first bonfire in a new area called "The Road of Sacrifices." After walking a bit further, he ran away from a monster that started to sprout wings and went into an attacking frenzy. he then goes back up the elevator to a secret area where he once again meet Onion Bro. and they both charge to fight and kill the fire demon that was shown in episode 5. he travels a bit more before making a circle back to an area he had already been. Hollow then decides to head back to the Firelink Shrine because of a comment he got on a past Dark Souls 3 video. Through an exploit, he is able to parkour from a tree onto the roof of the shrine where he met Picklepum the crow as well as getting another estus shard. He trades an alluring skull for an online items called a "hello carving" because when it's used, you will drop it, the carving will say hello. Then finding an illusionary wall on the roof of the shrine as well, he gets the silver serpents ring. Hollow then goes back to the arrow-littered path and now doesn't have to worry about monsters any more as the giant archer from episode 5 is killing them and not hurting you. Hollow parkours to certain areas he couldn't go to before talking to the archer, he is able to get an undead bone shard(boosts estus flask power) and a great scythe. Hollow then finds the next boss area and fights the Curse-Rotted Greatwood and is able to kill it on his second try. After defeating the boss he notices that he is in the grave diggers covenant area that he was in before. He lights the bonfire and decided to explore the Undead settlement. He then finds a jail cell that holds a failed firekeeper by the name of Irina, He accepts her services as a tome reader. He is then confront by her ex-guardian and say that he will come after Hollow if he can't keep her safe. Hollow then decided to end the episode there.

Road of Sacrifices(Ep 7) Edit


A Lycanthrope jumping Hollow

In episode 7, Hollow starts off in the Firelink Shrine where he stocks back up on supplies after giving the ashes he got from the last episode to the handmaiden and unlocked new items. Then he went back to the Undead Settlement and looted all the places he missed. Afterwords he went to the first bonfire on the Road of Sacrifices and started to clear the area with some difficulty. By slowly clearing the area he was able to get the "Braille Divine Tome of Carim" which he will later give to the failed firekeeper at the Firelink Shrine. Continuing on, Hollow gets to the next bonfire and meets Anri and Horus(which Hollow makes fun of Horus and calls him a gimp) after that he gets to the Crucifixtion Woods and continues down the path meeting basalisks that drain his max health, he goes through the area until a monster attacks Hollow by jumping into the air, hollow pauses the game in post-editing and explains what the monster is and that it is called a Lycanthrope. He then resumes the game and is able to beat the Lycanthrope as well as the second with will little difficulty. There he get's another estus shard bringing his total to six estus flasks, he then continues a bit more and then ends the episode after getting killed by a black knight in the Crucifixtion woods.

The Legion Mage(Ep 8)Edit


Hollow fighting the Crystal Sage

Hollow starts the episode in the Firelink Shrine and notices someone new in the main area. He talks to her and she reveals that her name is Sirris and that she is apart of the Way of the Blue covenant. Later Hollow goes back to the Undead Settlement and meets Cornyx, a pyromancer that offers to teach Hollow some pyromancy, Hollow accepts his services and Cornyx teleports to the firelink shrine. Hollow heads back to Firelink and buys pyromancy from Cornyx and then heads out to get revenge on the knight that killed him, Hollow is then able to kill him but didn't get an item as a reward. Hollow is then ambushed by a NPC invader as well as another player, and is killed my the player. Later Hollow does some more looting and get's some new items including the "Golden Falcon Shield." Hollow then finds the next boss which is called the "Crystal Sage," just like the others; Hollow is able to defeat the boss but with more difficulty. Hollow then heads back to the Firelink Shrine after getting the boss bonfire. He unlocks a few more items thanks to defeating the "Crystal Sage," and after that he ends the episode.

Above the Shrine(Ep 9)Edit


Hollow extinguishing one of the three flames in Farron Keep

Hollow opens the episode by showing of a few new swords that he got back in episode 8. Afterwords he heads back to the ruins in the Crucifixtion Woods near the Crystal Sage boss area and finds a set of stairs. There, he meets Orbeck of Vinheim, a sorcercer that offers his services and will teach Hollow spells if he brings Orbeck scrolls that he finds throughout the game. Hollow accepts his services and Orbeck teleports to the Firelink Shrine, Hollow then heads back to the shrine himself and buys the key to the tower behind the shrine. He uses they key and follows a set of stairs to a bridge where he jumps off onto the roof where the nest of Picklepum the crow is at. Hollow then trades the Siegbrau that he got from Onion bro in an earlier episode. In return of what Hollow traded he got the "Armor of the Sun" which excites him greatly. Hollow then goes back and crosses the bridge he fell off of and into the next tower, there he gets a few items including an items called the "Firekeeper Soul." Hollow thend goes to the ruins across the riverbed in the Crucifixtion woods and is able to extinguish two of the three flames and gets as far as the second bonfire and ends the episode.

The Farron Swamp(Ep 10) Edit

Stray demon

Hollow fighting a Stray Demon

Hollow starts the episode in the Firelink Shrine, he then explains that he is playing as a different character known as Frost, since the recording software he used called Shadow Play, decided not record for apart of the video he was making with his first character. He then goes and talks to Orbeck and Iriana, seeing what they sell and giving the tomes and scrolls to unlock more spells and miracles. Hollow then goes to the bonfire where he defeated Vordt back in episode 3, he then goes to the area where you raise the banner to get to the Undead Settlement to locate the three towers with flames on top of them. Hollow then goes back to farron keep and on his quest to extinguish the three flames, he gets the sages scroll as well as a few other items. Hollow then extinguishes all of the flames opening the doors. However, before Hollow can get to the doors, he is invaded by an NPC named Yellowfinger Heysal but is able to kill him with ease. Hollow then gets the golden scroll, soon after hollow goes up an elevator in a tower that takes him to the broken bridge near the dead pigmy army. He then fights a stray demon(a miniboss), getting its soul. Hollow then ends the episode.

An Undead Legion(Ep 11)Edit


Hollow about to fight the Abyss Watcher

Hollow starts on the bridge where he defeated the stray demon, finally back on his main character. Hollow then decides to find the door that he opened in the last episode. He then fights his way into the ruins past the door and finds the first Lord of Cinder, the Abyss Watchers. Hollow, confused at first at what's happening but is able to defeat the three watchers, thinking he had won his first victory against a lord of cider, a cutscene happens. Showing one of the Abyss Watchers, "embering up" starting the next stage of the fight. Hollow is able to get the boss down to half health before dying. However, Hollow is able to win on the second try, defeating the Abyss Watcher with a backstab. gaining the Cinders of a Lord as well as the boss's soul. Hollow then gain's access to the Catacombs of Carthus, Hollow then heads back to the Firelink Shrine and places the Cinders of a Lord on one of the thrones. Hollow then buys the Abyss Watcher's armor from the handmaiden vendor. Hollow then goes the other way past where he defeated the Crystal Sage and gets to the first bonfire of The Cathedral of the Deep, and ends the episode.

Zombie Graveyard(Ep 12)Edit


Hollow fighting a crystal lizard at the Cathedral of the Deep

Hollow starts the episode at the bonfire he got at the end of the last episode. He continues on through the graveyard and gets confused that he was loosing health thanks to some leaches until they eventually fall off. He then goes on to the Cathedral of the Deep and continues through out gaining loot and killing another crystal lizard gaining a titanite scale. Hollow then fights through multiple enemies and finally gains access to one of the doors that acts as a shortcut through the Cathedral. Hollow then ends the episode.

Cathedral of the Deep(Ep 13)Edit


Hollow fighting the Deacons of the Deep

Hollow starts the episode in a corner in the Cathedral of the Deep fighting through enemy after enemy until finding a ladder, he goes up the ladder and kills the monsters up there and gaining some loot before trying to get back down the ladder, but ends up falling and killing himself. which cuts to hollow in his chair in his house sliding out of his char and onto the floor. The video then cuts back to hollow regaining his lost souls where he died. Hollow then continues to go through cathedral collecting loot and killing enemies. Hollow then finds a way down to the base level in the water and is able to kill the giants one at a time and the surrounding enemies as well, collecting the loot that were surrounding the giant's feet. Hollow then continues to an alter of sorts and defeats the monsters there before finding a fog wall that he deduces is the next boss. Hollow goes through the fog wall and starts to fight the Deacons of the Deep. Hollow is able to kill the boss in one try and gains the bosses soul and a doll. Hollow then heads back to the Firelink Shrine and buys talks to the vendors, giving them the certain items to unlock more items, he then finds Anri and Horus in the shrine and talks to them. Hinting that the next location is in Farron keep. Hollow then says goodbye to the viewers and ends the episode.

Catacombs of Carthus(Ep 14)Edit


Hollow playing Dark Souls 3, Indiana Jones style.

Hollow starts the episode in the Firelink Shrine and tells us how he wants to take his main character in a different direction. As his playthrough's of the first and second game were where he got good endings, he want's his character in Dark Souls 3 to go down an evil path rather than good. He then heads back to the High Wall of Lothric on Gubiaks request and at a certain spot finds an elevator that takes him down to an area where a Dark Wraith is. He is able to kill the Dark Wraith and gains a Red Eye Orb. He then goes to the Catacombs of Carthus and starts exploring the area. Being very perceptive along his journey, Hollow notices that the floors seems to be dented inward as if something has been rolling back and forth. Sure enough, when Hollow gets to a staircase leading downwards and doesn't notice that there is a ball made out of skeletons rolling torwards him. The ball hit's him, causing him to fall of the staircase-type bridge and into the pit below which causes his death. Hollow then goes back and regains his souls and then trys to get the loot he missed only to be killed by the ball once more. Hollow then get's his souls back and is able to evade the ball of skeletons and makes his way deeper into the catacombs. In a corner of the catacombs, Hollow finds Anri dazed and confused, without Horus. Hollow then set's off to find Horus; while trying to find Horus, Hollow accedently activates a trap that summons a small army of skeletons and dies to them. Hollow then respawns and gets his souls back, he then finds a room with a demon like the one he fought with alongside Onion Bro. He is able to kill it by getting it stuck in a small enough space where it can't attack. Hollow then finds a mimic chest and is able to kill it and get the loot. Hollow then finds the next bonfire and lights it, he then decides to head back to the Firelink Shrine and give the pyromancy teacher the tomb he found. Hollow then says goodbye to the viewers and ends the episode.

He's Unbreakable(Ep 14.5)Edit


Hollow joining Rosaria's Fingers convenant

Hollow starts the episode at the first bonfire at the Cathedral of the Deep, and explains that Gubiak has given him a list of(spoiler free) things to do that he missed up to the point that he is at now. Hollow then heads out through the main doors and takes an imediate right and goes to a well that he didn't notice before. When he gets close enough, we hear Onion Bro's voice, Onion Bro tells Hollow that someone snuck up behind him and stole his armor and pushed him down the well he is stuck in now. Hollow then goes back to an area in the Cathedral of the Deep and finds the guy who pushed Onion Bro down the well. He is wearing Onion Bro's armor, Hollow talks to the imposter and then walks across the bridge that the fake Onion Bro put up. Crossing the bridge halfway, a cutscene happens that shows the bridge going back down and the imposter revealing himself to be a man by the name of "Unbreakable Patches." Patches says that Hollow will now have to fight the giants, but Hollow defeated the giants a few episodes which causes Patches to speak additional dialouge. He notices that Hollow killed the giants already and starts to curse out Hollow. Hollow goes back up to where patches was and goes across the bridge after he put it back up. He saves Patches from some monsters and he then forgives Patches. He continues past Patches and finds the Rosaria's Fingers covenant. Hollow joins the covenant and gains the "Red Soapstone" which allows him to put down a red summons sign that when summoned will innitate a PvP battle. Hollow then goes into the tower behind Firelink Shrine and is then locked in by Patches. However, Hollow finds a way out and finds patches in the upper right area of the shrine and then forgives him, causing Patches to become a vendor. Hollow then ends the episode there.

The Demon Ruins(Ep 15)  Edit


Hollow fighting a tough invader in the Smouldering Lake

Hollow starts the episode in the Catacombs of Carthus, he explains that his recording software(Shadow Play) has messed up again and said that for this episode he will be using another side character other than Frost. Hollow will be using a strength character called Guts(after the character in the anime "Berserk") Hollow then makes his way out of the catacombs into the "Smouldering Lake" where he try's to find Horus. Instantly he is shot at by giant arrows. Hollow is able to barely evade them and finds Horus. However do to the fact the Horus ahd fallen and died, he has become hollow(an effect in the game which makes you an evil corpse) Hollow is able to kill Horus and gain some loot along the way. Hollow continues through the lake and starts to go up again and finds a room containing multiple enemies and the "Izalith Pyromancy Tome." Hollow continues on, killing skeletons, demons, and rats(OH MY!) Hollow is then invaded by a player, it was a close battle; but a little luck Hollow is able to defeat the invader with only six health! Hollow then finds the machine that was firing arrows at him earlier and disables it. Hollow is then attacked by a giant worm in Smouldering Lake but is able to kill it and gain the miracle "Lightning Stake." Hollow continues on and find's a fog wall leading to the next boss. Hollow traverses the fog and the boss is revealed as the "Old Demon King," he is able to defeat the boss in one try which rewards him with the boss's soul. Hollow then says goodbye to the viewers and ends the episode.

King Wolnir + The Boreal Valley(Ep 16) Edit


Hollow about to fight High Lord Wolnir

Hollow starts the episode in the Firelink Shrine and goes to the different vendors and gives them items that unlocks certain things. Equiping himself with new spells and more, Hollow sets out back to the Catacombs of Carthis. He contues from where he left off and finds the next boss area. Hollow fights and kills "High Lord Wolnir" and defeats him, unlocking the next area. Hollow enters "Irithyll of the Boreal Valley." He finds the first bonfire then and lights it, he continues on and finds a bridge where he is then invaded by a player, Hollow fights the player but dies. He goes back and regains the souls where he died and then decided to end the episode at the bonfire in "Irithyll of the Boreal Valley."

The Frozen City(Ep 17)Edit

Doglike creature

Hollow fighting a dog-like create in Irithyll

Hollow starts the episode on the bridge where he died near the end of last episode. Hollow walks forward, activating a trap. The trap is a giant dog-like create that attacks him from behind. Hollow is able to defeat it and go through the barrier with the doll he got from the Deacons of the Deep. Hollow then continues on throughout the area fighting new enemies and gaining new loot such as the dark miracle called "Dorhy's Gnawing." Hollow continues on through the area, and even finds a fog wall that leads to the next boss room. However, he decides to continue on in a different direction and finds Anri, saddened by Horus's disapearences as Hollow did not tell her what happened to him in the Catacombs of Carthis." Hollow then goes back to Firelink Shrine and buys Onion Bro's armor from Patches and then goes back to the well near the Cathedral of the Deep and gives Onion Bro back his armor.

Pontiff Sulivahn(Ep 18) Edit


Hollow fighting Pontiff Sulivahn

Hollow starts the episode in the Firelink Shrine and starts to buy more dark miracles from Iriana the failed firekeeper. He then travels back to the giants tower in the Undead Settlement where he finds him dead. Hollow loots "Hawkeyes Ring" from him and a saddened Hollow continues on. Hollow then finds Onion Bro in a cozy little area in Irithyll in front of a fireplace asleep. Hollow wakes him up and gives him more "Siegbrau" and heals him as well. Hollow then goes back to the fog wall in Irithyll and traverses it. Once through the fog, Hollow and the boss, "Pontiff Sulicahn" fight, but sadly Hollow is defeated thanks to a dead cam and gets stuck in a corner. Which cuts to Rage bursting into Hollow's room and shouting "REKT!" while wearing a funny hat. Hollow then tries again and is able to defeat Pontiff once and for all gaining his soul. Getting to the next bonfire and lighting it, he contues forward and kills two tiny crystal lizards and then goes forward a little bit more before being ganked and killed by three invaders(he did kill two of them though) and then Hollow ends the episode once he respawns.

They're Back(Ep 19)Edit


Hollow's character killing Anri

Hollow starts the episode in the Firelink Shrine and explains that he is finally recording in his new house that he is living in with the rest of the crew(except for evanz and gubi) Hollow then goes back to the boss area where he defeated High Lord Wolnir, and he gets the "Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome." but the pyromancy teacher back at the shrine refuses to read it to him as it is dark and evil. Then Hollow goes to the place where "Rosaria's Fingers" covenant is located at and respecs. his stats, which allows him to use High Lord Wolnir's weapon that he used to fight against our hero in a previous episode. He goes back to Irithyll and finds the Dragonslayers Bow and Dragonslayers Arrows, he then continues on and finds a building that resembles where you fight Gwyn in a previous game. However some details are slightly off as if they were using the same map. Hollow finds a pigmy that gives him the "Sword of Avowal" and tell him that "his bride is waiting for him." He continues walking down the hallway and finds Anri(unknown if asleep or dead) with a blanket over her head. Hollow the interacts with Anri's body and watches while being puzzled while his character kill Anri but shoving the "Sword of Avowal" into Anri's head. He then gains three Dark Sigils and leaves, grabbing the "Chameleon" spell the now dead pigmy dropped along the way. Hollow then talks to "Yuria" in the firelink shrine and she tells him to rather than linking the fire to take it for himself. Hollow then ends the episode near King Lothrics throne.


Aldrich the Devourer(Ep 20) Edit


Hollow fighting Aldrich

Hollow starts the episode in the Firelink Shrine and explains his new outfit,He then heads off to the area past Vordt's boss room and looks out on the view and explains where all he has been and where is currently at now. He then head back to the Cathedral area where Hollow killed Anri at the alter and grabs an item called the "Reversal Ring" which allows the main character to change gender. He then continues on to the moving spiral staircase and goes up. He then walks off the bridge into nothingness(which turns out to be an invisible bridge)on Gubiak's request. There, Hollow gains access to the Dark Moon covenant, he then starts to parker down the tower gaining a new weapon and a new set of armor. Hollow continues around the area and finds an Undead Bone Shard behind a gravestone. Hollow heads back up the main staircase and fights a silver knight with a lightning spear, he then somehow manages to get the other knights attention as well and they kill him. Hollow then respawns and kills the Silver Knights one at a time, after that Hollow makes his way up a tower gaining the "Giant's Coal." Hollow then continues up the tower and gets scared(as well as the viewers thanks to brilliant editing)by a giant spider on the ceiling. He decides to shoot it down and does exactly that which in effect causes the spider to fall down to the first floor. Hollow then continues on and finds a fog wall which leads to the next boss named "Aldrich, Devourer of Gods." Hollow fights it and came close to killing it but died after a storm of spells were casted by the boss. Hollow tries again and is able to kill Aldrich and gains it's soul as well as the "Cinders of a Lord." He then heads back to the Firelink Shrine after looting the boss area and buys Gwyndolin's bow with Aldrich's soul. Sadley, he is unimpressed with it; he then says goodbye to the viewers and ends the episode there.

Special EpisodesEdit

This category is for special or one off episodes that Hollow has done for fun and doesn't continue in the plot of the main series. 

I'm Mr Meeseeks Edit


The rejected blue man group

This episode shows Hollow and three of his friends, ganking invaders as a recreation of the character called Mr. Meeseeks from the popular show called "Rick and Morty." They do multiple things like doing the same emotes as once, and just having fun in general. Even two other invaders just dropped an ember and left so the group can continue on with the ganking. There is even a reddit post from an invader which you can find here.