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Origin Edit

On June 12th 2014, Fluke uploaded a video showing off a new game he and DynamoTom had made under the group name of 'Tyrannosaur Games'. The game featured Rage, Hollow, Fluke and Evanz. The game was a basic dress-up game like any other with drag & drop clothing (and faces) for the characters, with Crew-themed outfits and accessories. The clothes included an Elsa dress and an evil genius coat for Rage, Deathstroke armour and a blue dragon outfit for Hollow, Elizabeth and Anna dresses for Fluke and cardboard samurai armour and a light blue sheep outfit for Evanz. Fluke stated in his video that he did the coding and Tom did the art.

Rage's Video - 'How Does One Dress up the Crew!?' Edit

On June 15th 2014, Rage jokingly recorded an overview of the game as if he didn't know who the characters were. Throughout the video he dressed each character and gave constructive criticism such as suggesting a lock-on feature for the clothing and possibly some music for the background. Rage was able to get through the entire video without laughing until the very end.

Updates? Edit

The version of the game Fluke showed off in his original video was 'Version Dingo' and Fluke made mention of the fans being able to draw more outfits that could be added in later but as of now, no new updates have been made.