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On July 14th 2013, A viewer and fan of The Crew by the name of Winnebagels posted a Epic comedic FanFic on The story received massive praise from the fandom and on Aug 24th 2013 Rage, Hollow, Fluke, Evanz and Juke read out chapter 6 on a live stream which was later posted on Rage's Youtube as a highlight video.

Plot Edit

The FanFiction involves The Crew against an alien invasion. Hollow and Rage escape from an extra terrestrial attack that burns Leeds to the ground. They eventually meet up with Evanz, Fluke and others causing more hilarious hi-jinx to ensue. This is known by the community as one of the most humorous RageGaming fan fictions. Another distinct feature of this story are the impressively accurate characterization and dialogue of The Crew.

Map Edit

A specific scene from the FanFiction was later depicted in a Minecraft map shown on Mapstravaganza. The build was of Hollow and Rage driving into the sunset with the burning ashes that once was Leeds lying securely in their rearview mirror as Rage's outro song boomed out of the car speakers.

Preview / Piece of Chapter 1 Edit

*The television flashes red with the words "emergency broadcast" scrolling across the top and bottom of the screen*

Juke – This just in, we are getting widespread reports of unidentified flying objects blacking out the skies above London. These objects appear to be of extraterrestrial origin. You are advised to stay in your homes until further notice. To prevent widespread panic and looting we leave you now with these pictures of lolzcats on a continuous loop. God save the Queen.

Rage – How long has Juke been a news anchor?

Hollow – Aliens, real honest to God aliens.

Rage – I mean he's got those silky tones, I just never expected anything to come from it.

Hollow – Aliens. From Outer Space. Here to kill us and take over.

Rage – Good for him then. I always thought he'd be a boxer what with those legendary fire punches of his. Amirite Hollow?

Hollow – How is this even happening?

Rage – Hollow come on man. Get my reference. It was funny.

*A flash of light streaks across the window*

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