About Edit

Sometime in early 2016, Rage, Hollow, and the rest of The Crew decided to get a P.O Box so fans could send them letters, gifts, and more. Below are the episodes of these "Mail Drops"

READY TO FIGHT - Mail Drop Edit

On April 23, 2016 Rage posted a video on his channel Titled "READY TO FIGHT - Mail Drop" Where Rage, Fluke, and Danni opened huge packages that were sent to them by fans. They were mostly weapons but it also included musical instruments and electronic devices. below is the list of items and who they were sent to and who they were sent from.
  • Rage+Swords=bad idea
  • Fluke playing his new guitar
  • Rage waving a blue snake staff

From Hoyle Edit

Blue Snake Staff - Hollow

2 Go Pros - Rage and Hollow

Marker board - The Crew

Wooden Katana - Fluke

Earings and Pendants - Danni, Leni, and Halfpint

Wizard Staff - Rage

Amp and Guitar - Fluke

From Lord Varian Edit

Blue twin swords - Hollow

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