Leni (or Lini) is no longer Hollow's girlfriend from Germany. She features in many of Hollow's live streams and videos.

Hollow's Girlfriend
Some attributes
Moral Stance Unknown
Colors emerald green, dark blue, dark purple
Fans Unknown
Other attributes
  • Hollow and Leni
  • Batman
  • Doing Hollow's Makeup
  • Doing Leni's Makeup
  • About to do the Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Multi-coloured Hair
  • A panda Hoodie from Hollow's mom
  • Kixa Miza's Art
  • More of Kixa Miza's Art
  • Leni
  • Leni and her stuffed cat
  • Leni and Flukes girlfriend Halfpint

Makeup Challenges Edit

Hollow introduced his viewers to Leni on a live stream. In the stream he had a subscriber reward goal that stated if he got a certain number of subs he would let Leni do his makeup. On August 22nd 2014, Hollow uploaded the video of that. Later they had another similar sub goal involving Hollow doing Leni's makeup, and on August 31st 2014 Hollow uploaded his makeup revenge video.

Dyed Hair Edit

When Leni was first on streams, a popular compliment was 'nice hair' because of her unique blue hair. Hollow really wanted to dye his hair as well and in a sub goal on a stream, the viewers chose the colour blue. Later, when Hollow needed to re-dye his hair, another sub goal chose multi-coloured and Leni was the one who dyed it blue, green and purple.

Adopting a Bunny Edit

For Hollow's birthday, Leni went out and got a bunny and everything required to take care of one. They had been talking about getting one for a while but in the end, Leni surprised Hollow on his birthday with the rabbit named Smudge, who has since appeared in many videos at the request of viewers and the adoration of his owners.


Smudge the rabbit

Appearances Edit

Leni has appeared prominently in several of Hollow's videos such as Makeup Challenges, Vlogs, Tea and Questions, Playing Binding of Issac, Don't Starve and more.

Trivia: Edit

  • Leni has a pet stuffed panda named Mr. Panda which has its own twitter account
  • As of right now Leni is practising to become a hairdresser
  • The first known appearance of Leni's name in a video is a Tea and Questions on 24th January 2013, wherein she submitted artwork for the series