Lord Varian Balerant
Lord Varian
Some attributes
Moral Stance Lawful Neutral
Colors Black
Fans N/A
Other attributes
Youtube Not Yet
Other Twitter Link
Lord Varian - known on streams as 'Varian Balerant' or just as 'Varian' - is an artist, gamer and fan who joined during the early days of the Crewdom and has since become increasingly known amongst the fans, particularly within the last few months. His goal is to entertain people and make them smile no matter the occasion.

General Information Edit

Varian has played games with the Crew on several occasions with Garry's Mod and was a prominent member of the Flamingo tribe on ARK, playing 'Lord' and building lighthouses, but he is mostly known for his art and animation skills. He has a love for traditional games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and other role-playing games, normally playing absurd characters who shouldn't function but do. Varian is also a university student studying animation and when seen is known for his wide range of costumes, mostly dressed in his notorious 'Plague Doctor' outfit. He is also a Moderator on both Hollow and Rage's Twitch streams.

Artwork and Animations Edit

Varian is working constantly to create content that makes both the fans happy and the Crew themselves. He has created the following:

  • The Ragegamingvideos 'Quick Build Cube' T-shirt
    Quick Build Cube
  • Rage: Twitch subscriber animation (Shaman Rage screaming)
  • Rage: Pokemon subscriber animation (the pokeball being thrown at the screen)
  • Rage: 'Ragelocke' (the animation at the start of each episode, with extra Pokemon added throughout the series)
  • Hollow: Gubi-dad animation (in production)
  • Hollow: Lore Bite animation
  • Hollow: Twitch Emotes: Updated hollowCube, hollowGG and hollowFail emotes
  • Hollow: Twitch animations: Subscriber and donation animation (8-bit sprites)
  • Leni: Drawing including Mr. panda and smudge the rabbit.
    Leni Image

Fan Mail Edit

Varian has sent several gifts to the members of the Crew, which he delivered in person to the P.O box. He has sent the following:

To Hollow: Edit

  • Deathstoke's dual blades.
  • A Larp bone ultra-greatsword.

To Rage: Edit

  • Wizard's hat.
  • A Larp Arch-mage's staff.

To Fluke: Edit

  • A set of Larp twin bone daggers.
Hollow Cube

To Danni: Edit

  • A Larp wrench.

To Leni: Edit

  • A Larp jugger Ball.

Trivia Edit

  • Varian's luck is extremely terrible, once managing to roll a 100 sided die and getting the number 1 more than 8 times in a row
  • Varian is a both a perfectionist and a workaholic when it comes to animation, barely sleeping for days just to get something looking correct
  • Varian stopped caring for fashion sense and regularly travels into town wearing medieval and viking clothing due to them being 'much nicer than normal clothing'
  • For Varian, it has become tradition that every Halloween he travels into his City Centre dressed up as a plague doctor and proceeds to give people information on the Black Plague, the traditions of the plague doctor and to scare random people for fun
  • Varian is probably insane but no clinical diagnosis has proven so yet

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