Community Corner:

Here on the Crewdom Wiki, We are a tad obsessive. We aim to catalog all things Crew and serve as the Crewcyclopedia. All pages on the Wiki and open to be edited. Try to add new information, make sure its accurate and only remove things that are proven wrong. Update when things change but leave the outdated things as historical context. When making new pages for this wiki, please remember that we are attempting to explain things to those who may not know much about The Crew. Make sure that the information you put down will make sense to someone who has never heard of it before. Our goal is to initiate into the fandom and not to fill pages with unexplained inside jokes that go over peoples heads.

Creating A Page / Editing:

If you want to help us out, we'd gratefully appreciate it if you could take the time to go through the home page, find any bold words listed under the categories that do not link to real pages, create those pages and fill them with accurate information and images that you can get by researching in some way such as watching The Crew's Videos. However we do not need people to just create these pages and leave them or only write a single sentence. We try to limit blank pages or unfinished pages although somethings are hard for one person to finish all in one day so some of these pages will have to be ongoing projects among the community that require more research. Also be sure to check what pages already exist before you create a new one. We do not need redundancy. If you know a lot about a particular series, running joke, Crew Member or concept and that page doesn't exist at this time then please give us a hand here because we've got a lot to catalog. Also feel free to edit existing pages to add more information. Keep in mind to always add information and Never take away information unless its objectivity false and needs to be fixed. Also be sure to correct any spelling errors or grammar mistakes if you see them.

Blog / Comment:

This is the place for updates and news about the wiki. Every time I edit this it sends notifications to people on the wiki so its a way for me to tell you things to keep you up to date on how best to contribute to this wiki. Remember that the wiki itself is a community and you guys can communicate and share more opinion based things or generally talk about The Crew on blogs and comment sections. You can comment even if you do not have an account. Thanks for reading all this! :3

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