Metro(AKA Terry)
Some attributes
Moral Stance Chaotically Good
Colors Blue,Gray, and Black
Fans N/A
Other attributes

About Edit

Metro is a fan of The Crew as well as an artist for Rage in things such as his Pokemon Egglocke streams. He's made various RageGamingVideo themed videos on his Youtube Channel which he started on April 27th 2014. He was a time-to-time map maker for Mapstravaganza. He is an active member of the community and can be found hanging out with people like PieFacePro and Kixa||Miza.

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Map Appearances Edit

Animations / Speed Art VideosEdit

Metro has done Crew themed videos such as "Minecraft" Animations and a live action trailer called "Fish Spider Industries Unleashed". There have been many speed arts on his channel of the Crew, Rage, Hollow, Leni , Peace, and Fluke , but after 5 months he had stopped making them saying that he "needed a break" and later announced that at the start of 2016 he would begin puppet animations of the crew; as of right now the only puppets he has made are of Rage and Hollow.

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Crewniverse Edit

Metro had been working with other people in the community on the project of an open world 3D game known as "Crewniverse" that was based off of Captain Fluke's fan fiction, Right Where We Belong. He had done work on the logo and other art for the game. However, the project was sadly cancelled.

Trivia: Edit

  • Contrary to popular belief, Metro did not get his name from the train system
  • He's the best friend of Kixa||Miza
  • The date that Metro started his channel is the same date as his birthday.
  • Metro is currently running the wiki page as the owner has left

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