Nyx the Blue Tongue Skink
Grumpy Nyx
Grumpy Nyx
Some attributes
Moral Stance Cuddly and Grumpy
Colors Light Brown and Black
Fans N/A
Other attributes


Nyx is a Blue Tongue Skink, Nyx was adopted on December 23, 2015 by Rage and Danni . He enjoys burrowing in his vivarium which makes him difficult to spot. Whenever he isn't in his vivarium, he can be found in the hood of Danni's jackets(as it seems that he likes her more that Rage) He loves butternut squash.


Nyx's life before Danni and Rage are currently unkown. Danni and Rage adopted a Blue Tongue Skink on the date of December 23, 2015 and named him Nyx. He seems to be isolated but will cuddle up to Danni quite and bit and hide in her hood. Nyx has mostly appeared in Rage's streams until a video was put up by Rage on his Youtube Channel showing off the house Danni, Leni, Hollow, Fluke , and Laura live in. Rage tried to show off Nyx in the video but had to remove the roof that Nyx has burrowed under, once he lifted up the roof he started to hiss at Rage which promted him to put it down.

Relationship with Alicia Edit

Alicia is Nyx's "sister," where she lives next to Danni's desk in her own vivarium on the first floor, while Nyx's vivarium is on the second floor next to Fluke's desk. Nyx would sometimes try and say hi to his sister when Danni would take him out and take him to her desk. But sadly Alicia just looks at him in a grumpily way.

  • Nyx on a disco ball
  • Nyx poking his head around a rock to say hi
  • Nyx on Danni's shoulder
  • Nyx on a desk
  • Nyx with Hollow's and Leni's pet rabbit named Smudge
  • Nyx and Alicia

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