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Its not "Oh Jay Pixel", Rage!
Some attributes
Moral Stance Lawful neutral
Colors Purple and Yellow
Fans N/A
Other attributes

About Edit

OJEpixel (pronounced Oh-Jay-Epic-sel) is a minecraft map maker, usually appearing on Mapstravaganza with his creations. He is also part of Team Tartaurus.

He is obsessed with cats, usualy repeating the word "KITTEH" over and over whenever he sees a picture of a kitten or cat. He is now cured of his "Shteampuhnk-itis"

Appearances Edit

His first appearance was on Quick Build Challenge : Explosions!. His second appearance on QBC was building Atlas for the Myths topic, he appeared in season 2 twice building a star wars set and a slime monster. He doesnt talk about losing to rage in a medieval battle.

His first mapstravaganza map was a floating steampunk city.

His second map was a floating trade city resting on two floating islands with a bridge connecting them, one a housing island and the other an airship port.

His third map appeared on Hollow's channel and was a group of floating islands under attack by nether airships (Nethairships as OJ called them)

His fourth was a christmas themed map with a globe, elf houses, a ginger bread tavern and a giant tree with the bodies of mutilated elves (OJ swears he didnt make them)

In 2015 his maps consist of A space station city with shops and armourstands, A city on "Giants Step Mountain" with a giant tree, shops, houses and a monorail and his tartaurus birthday celebration parkour.

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