Worms Champion
Some attributes
Moral Stance ..Fat?
Colors N/a
Fans N/a
Other attributes
Peace is the overall winner of Rage's Worms Ultimate Championship series. He has a Youtube channel called 'ProducerPeace' or 'RoarPlays'. The channel is not very active if at all and the description reads 'Welcome to my relaxed gaming channel which aims to bring you fun, chilled out content and commentaries mixed in with some gaming guides'. Peace appears on many streams and videos and regularly attends Eurogamer each year with the rest of The Crew. Rage and the others used to joke at the possibly of him being fat because they had never met him in real life but when he went to Eurogamer it turned out he wasn't, so he wore an inflatable sumo wrestling outfit. He also uses a female skin on his Minecraft account 'HighFlyer' to get free stuff as seen on an episode of Mapstravaganza.
  • Peace in Sumo Suit
  • Peace's Girl Skin
Many hashtags and other running trends have come from him and his interactions with the Crewdom on twitter, the most notable being #PeaceIsAButt, which was suggested as a password by Kia when a group of fans were trying to play Minecraft; subsequently this group (including ManzIsMe and Jess Virtua) began using the hashtag without any explanation, much to Peace's confusion.

He also gives the best spin hugs out of all the Crew, and if you are ever offered one somehow, you would be foolish not to take it.

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