(Don't) Go Fuck Yourself
Some attributes
Moral Stance Sass
Colors Aqua
Fans N/A
Other attributes
  • PieFacePro Easter Island
  • Hollow, Fluke and Evanz Face
  • Curaxu Face
  • Parkour Initiative 3
  • The Ultimate Meth Race
  • Techno Meth Race

About Edit

PieFacePro, "Pieface," or "pie," whose name is shortened from his original youtube channel name, A Pi to the Face Productions, has been a regular submitter to Mapstravaganza since season 1. Most of his maps are competitive in the category of Parkour, but he has branched out to other types of maps, such as Meth Races (a race in which both players are given significant amounts of speed.) In PieFacePro's parkour maps, he regularly includes custom resource packs with witty, often sarcastic voiceovers at the start and finish of each map. In these, he at first made a habit of telling Rage and/or Hollow to "Go fuck yourself," but now is trying to disassociate himself from the trend, as revealed in one voiceover. As a member of both Team Tartaurus and The Crew Build Team, PieFacePro also contributes to many of their endeavors. He is also a frequent contestant on Redstone Rumble. He can be seen hanging out and frequently making videos and livestreams with people like Metro Productions.

Maps Appearances Edit

Some but probably not all of Pie's Mapstravaganza Map Appearances:

Planet MineCraft Maps Edit

These are some of the maps that PieFacePro uploaded to PMC.

Trivia: Edit

  • Pie constantly makes jokes that he never eats pie as he considers it cannibalism.
  • During Pie's first submitted map to Mapstrav (flukestrav #1), Rage and Fluke got his name wrong, pronouncing it "pie-fack-e-man" for some reason.
  • Pie originally created his own Minecraft skin, but his most recent is designed by Curaxu.
  • An old nickname Team Tartaurus tried to give pie was "paito," based on the beginning of his original title from 2011, a Pi to the Face productions.

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