Some attributes
Moral Stance Bunnies
Colors White and Pink?
Fans N/a
Other attributes
Pocket A friend of Hollow and The Crew. She is known for her love of bunnies and anime. She also has an adorable voice and for some reason, really likes Rage’s puns. She has helped Hollow with making his videos and has appeared in live streams. She has a Youtube but she doesn't really post anything on it. The description of her channel even reads 'I'm a bunny and I like to not make videos on a regular basis'. On April 2015, Fluke described her on Reddit as:
  • Pocket's Youtube Profile
  • Pocket's Banner
  • Who is Pocket? - On Reddit

'An old friend from the early days who sadly is seen much less often then she once was. However occasionally she manages to pop back and draw nonsense pictures and post bunnies and anime'.

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