• Wizards Downfall
  • Logo Screen
  • The Wizard
  • Puns
  • The Imp
  • The Cat
  • Kitchen
  • Really Rage?!
  • Cat
  • More Puns.
  • Don't Question It
  • Oh, Come on.
  • End

Wizards Downfall Edit

On May 17th 2013, Rage uploaded a video showing off a game he, Jake and a student named Reese had made. The project was a final for Rage's second year at University. He and his team were tasked with making a point and click adventure. The game involves a wizard (Voiced by Jake) waking up in a chamber of a tower, dealing with an annoying Imp (Voiced by Rage) and a talking cat (Voiced by Reese) who holds the key to The Wizards Escape. The game is particularly written by Rage which means its littered with puns. In the game, The wizard must prepare various food and drinks for the cat such as Wine, Fish Soup, Prawned Salad or Chicken Curry. At the end the wizard makes extremely hot curry which he throws at the cat, misses and burns through the door. Once the player goes through that door the game ends because the project only required there be one level of the game.

  • Like A Boss
  • Menu Screen
  • Fighting!
  • The Arena!
  • Rage's Uni Game
  • Training
  • The King Enters The Arena
  • The King Is Here!

Like A Boss Edit

On June 6th 2014, Rage posted a video of him playing a unity game he made for his final project in his last year of Uni. Rage did The Arena, Sounds and all of the animation for the project. Jake did all the modeling and textures and then they had a coder who made the engine and made sure that everything worked. The game was a cell-shaded 3D arena battling game including fully customize-able player characters. You must battle against waves of enemies such as Mele Goblins, Fire ball shooting Goblin Shamans, Spiders and Bulls, attack heart shaped creatures for health and eventually get to The Boss which is The Cesar Goblin King. After working on this game all year, Rage and his Uni team got a 1st on their marks for this project and won two second place prizes in competitions that they went to. They did the best out of everyone in their Uni and competed against eighty other teams from various other universities.

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