Spud McCullough
'Spuddy Boy'
Some attributes
Moral Stance Builder
Colors Dark Green
Fans Not Curaxu
Other attributes
  • The Abbadon
  • Survival Only
  • Ragican Fleet
  • Ships based on The Crew
  • Zoidberg Pixel Art
  • Mass Effect M7 Pixel Art
  • 300 Pixel Art
  • Zelda Pixel Art
  • Viking/Medieval/Barbarian Buildings
  • Gatehouse
  • Barracks
  • Town Square
  • Longhouse
  • Spud's Zepplin
  • :3
  • Cabin
  • Main Interior
  • 'What Indeed'
  • Spud's PVP maps

About Edit

Spud McCullough AKA 'Spud McC' is a user who used to submit impressive builds to Rage and Hollow's Minecraft Mapstravaganza. He made things such as The Ragican Fleet which was one of the first maps made specifically for the show. A fellow map submitter and building legend by the name of Curaxu quickly became his rival. Curaxu began calling him 'Spuddy Boy' teasingly. Spud then challenged Curaxu by doing a build done in all survival with no world edit. This prompted Curaxu to outdo Spud by building a map completely in Hardmode survival, meaning that if he died the entire map would be deleted.

Spud later submitted one more Map to the show that was a base for Hollow called BatSheep Inspections. Curaxu continued to make maps but Spud mysteriously vanished from the community. Spud stopped submitting to the show and stopped posting maps at all on August 7th 2013. At one point he had a Youtube page but it has since been deleted.

Maps Edit

Spud McC posted many of his maps on the website, Planet Minecraft. Most of them appear on the show but a few of them did not. His Planet Minecraft description section read:

"[I'm] A guy who builds things, makes skins and... that's pretty much it! You'll probably learn a lot more about me from looking at the crude humour in my builds rather than this box, though don't get me wrong it's a fine box! Also, I DO take requests, I'm always up for something new to do! I have recently became YouTube famous through the success of my builds in Rage and Hollows Minecraft Mapstravaganza!"

This is a list of the maps he posted and the dates he posted them on:

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