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On June 23th 2013, A comic was posted on Deviantart by a viewer and long time fan of Rage and The Crew by the name of MrFlamingToast. It received much positive attention by the fandom and on June 30th 2013 Hollow, Rage, Fluke, Evanz, Gubiak and Juke read out the comic in a video as part of Hollow's 20,000 subscriber special.

Plot Edit

The comic begins with Hollow and Rage drinking tea. Hollow accidentally spills his tea on Rage causing him to call Hollow a douche. Hollow kicks Rage in the chest and the war begins. The rest of the comic consists of Rage and Hollow recruiting other members of the crew and preparing for an epic battle between them. Read it for yourself:

Aftermath - Issue 2? / Map Edit

The comic ended on a cliffhanger and there has been a major demand for more by the fandom. MrFlamingToast has continued to make fan art for the crew and be a part of the community but as of now he has not made any more of the comic. There was however a map submitted to Mapstravaganza that featured building depictions of the story along with other fan fictions.

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