• Curaxu's Hydra Build
  • Dance Magic Dance
  • The Babe
  • Hollow's Old Chat Rule
  • Fan asked Hollow about The Babe
  • Map creators messing with Hollow

Origin Edit

On an episode of Mapstravaganza, Rage and Hollow looked at a map of a giant seven headed water hydra creature made by Curaxu. For whatever reason, The topic of David Bowie came up. Rage said 'Tell me about the babe.' in reference of the song Dance Magic Dance sung by David Bowie in the movie labyrinth. He was misquoting the lyric 'You remind me of the babe' in hopes that Hollow would finish the reference by saying 'What babe' to which he would have replied 'The babe with the power' making Hollow have to ask the question 'What power' which would prompt Rage to say 'The power of voodoo' begging the question 'who do?' the answer of course being 'you do' to which Hollow would ask 'Do what?' and Rage would finish by saying 'Remind me of the babe'. Unfortunately, Hollow refused to complete the joke and would not tell Rage about the babe. Hollow threatened to leave the server mid episode. Rage even offered him 10,000 pounds to finish the joke but Hollow declined. Instead of looking at the map, Rage continuously asked Hollow to tell him about the babe until he had to do an impression of Hollow and finish it himself for closure.

Fandom Involvement Edit

The viewers continued to ask Hollow about the babe to intentionally annoy him and also because a few of them genuinely didn't get the reference. In several maps submitted to the show viewers left signs and used command blocks to ask Hollow to tell them about the babe. For a while, Hollow even had a rule on his Twitch stream to not ask him about the babe but it was later removed. In one episode a map submitter named LongHairedSanta had a sign on his map that said 'Look up' and above Hollow in the air was the words 'The Babe' written in blocks. In another episode, a long time submitter named PieFacePro had a map that featured a sound clip at the end of him asking Hollow about the babe. A fan also made an animation about the babe with rage asking the question and hollow breaking out into David Bowies song. Over time the need for viewers to know about the babe has died down but it still remains a reference associated with annoying Hollow and used among the fandom.

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