• First Look at Tom
  • Full Frontal Tom
  • Other Side
  • Dat Tail
  • Close Up
  • Last Look

Origin Edit

In an episode of Quick Build Challenge Universe Edition, Rage was tasked with building against a challenger on the topic of Tom and Jerry. He decided to build a statue of Tom, but because of the dynamic posing he chose, the two feet ended up spread far apart in weird angles causing him to build Tom with a sideways body and forward-facing head. Also, because of a lack of time, Tom only had one arm and no ears. After looking at his deformed monstrousity of a build, Rage described it as "One of the worst things I've ever built." and ended the video saying "This has either been the best or worst episode I've ever done. I will leave that for you guys to judge". The build became a thing of legend, and later in other episodes of Quick Build whenever he was building poorly or didn't like the way something was turning out he would reference back to this build using the name Tom and Jerry as a verb saying 'I've Tom and Jerry'd it'. This terminology has become an iconic inside joke and phrase unique to Rage. Long time viewers can remember back to the day Rage built the horrible abomination of tom and hope he doesn't Tom and Jerry it this time.

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