Some attributes
Moral Stance 'Murica!
Colors Red, White and Blue
Fans N/a
Other attributes
Tyde is an American that appears in live streams and various videos by The Crew. He is a relaxed guy but is known for being patriot and saying 'Murcia!'. He also has an electric fan in his room which often makes noise and annoys the others when he’s on voice.

Misspelling His Name Edit

  • Teeeeead by Winniebagles
  • hope by mrflamingtoast
  • Tyde by Mr.FlamingToast
A lot of viewers in the chat and comment sections have trouble spelling Tyde's name. They would spell it in ways such as 'Tead, Teed and Tide'. Then people began purposefully misspelling his name in ridiculous and exaggerated ways as a joke like 'Tood, Toup, Tung, Telk, Ting, Tuff and Tarn'.

This idea spawned a legendary Fan art by the user 'WinnieBagels' depicting a derpy looking Tyde face named 'Teeeeead'. Mr.FlamingToast remixed the image to look like the famous red, white and blue 'Hope' political poster. Mr.FalmingToast also made another fan art of Tyde wearing a crown, holding a bear and waving an American Flag in front of all the different ways people have spelled his name.

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