It started in early 2013. My brother found Rage's channel and prompted me to watch, but it wasn't until Mapstrav started that I really got into the videos. From Rage I discovered the 'main four', if you will, and started watching those. For the most part I was a backseat viewer. I wasn't bothered about making friends, but I didn't mind helping to build something for mapstrav - the first ever Meth Race.

(say whhaaaat)

Incidentally, I was able to complete the race in less time than Rage and Hollow.

Still, I wasn't really part of the Crewdom. No, that didn't happen until just before summer of 2013, when I introduced a friend to the channels - a friend who then, in the months I hadn't seen her much, had managed to become immensely famous in the fandom and was ALREADY A MOD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

In case you really don't know anything about me, that friend was Hatter. She was the one who prompted me to finally get Twitter (something I'd been avoiding) and had me help with her fanfic, How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse, then took me to EGX 2013 where we stalked them into Pizza Express. I also stole Rage's briefcase.

Kia EGX2013

After that I talked to more people on Twitter, started watching streams, began writing and making parodies that kinda suck but oh well. Basically, my goal was only to get the Crew to recognise my name (which Rage was stubborn about, it seemed). I have achieved that, so now I just want to enjoy myself with the friends I've made :)

(Is that sappy enough?)