I've been around for a long time and people have been posting how they met the crew so, i though I'd share on how I met them. It all started on a boring day. I was into Minecraft videos alot then, so I would browse 'the youtubes' to find interesting content. In my recommendations was a show called 'Quick Build challenge', specfically the newest episode, which was the first ever episode released a day previous starring the Mage Tower. This immediately hooked me onto Rage's channel so I just begun binge watching all of his videos. As time went on, I begun to watch Hollow's content and flukes. I was just so absorbed in the humour that it kept me going with endless laughs and entertainment. Now, I've been a lurker for an extremely long time, and Its only recently I began 'throwing my money at them' In the form of  twitch and patreon. I've seen this fan base evolve over the years and I'd say its gotten better and although this is how I met them, I think we should all start looking towards the future, as even when one of the crew hits an all time low, we shall help them rise to greater heights, not just because they are youtubers with great content, but because they are great individuals, who try to learn all the names of their fans and strive to interact with us. May the sun keep shining and the Crew only grow more welcoming.

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