Here is a Fan Fiction I made on May 7th 2015. You can make one too and post it as a Blog here on The Wiki!

This is an artistic work of fiction made for the sole purpose of entertainment.

The Generation Of Hollow

A GenerationHollow Fan Fiction

  • Hollow Vs Fish Spiders!
  • Hollow Meets Rage!
  • The Forming of The Crew!
  • The Showdown!

Chapter 1: A Hero Is Born

The pale malnourished child walked down the narrow cobblestone walkway of the village, his path shown by the dim light of the street lamps. His clothes were ragged and his dark brown hair was unkempt. He somberly walked into the alleyway between two old houses and began searching through a dumpster. Suddenly he heard footsteps coming towards him. He turned around and got into a battle stance only to see it was an elderly man who had entered the alleyway. "What are you doing out here, son?" asked the old man. He wore a thick dark overcoat with yellowish gold trimmings and a golden pin in the shape of a 'C'. The boy lowered his guard. "Sorry sir, I was just looking for food." said the boy. The man suddenly noticed the boys tattered old clothing. "Where are your parents, kid?" said the man. "Dead. I've lived on the streets for as long as I can remember." said the child. The elderly man had also lived many years as a homeless man, he empathized with the kid. "Whats your name?" asked the elder. "Aaron" said the boy. "Follow me, Aaron" he said placing his coat over the boy to shield him from the cold. They walked out of the alleyway and up the steps into his house. The boy warmed himself by the flames of the fireplace as the man called the authorities to figure out what to do. After having no luck locating the parents, he decided that it would have to be up to him to raise him. He thought it was a better alternative that condemning him to a life as an orphan. He believed that there paths had crossed for a reason. 

The man worked as a construction worker. He was an excellent builder. Some even say, he built with the powerful fury of the sun. He was also an outdoors-men. He greatly valued survival skills and so he taught Aaron how to live off the land and to find food in the wilderness. He taught him to be able to survive off berries and how to set up camps in the woods. Most importantly he taught him how to fight. He trained Aaron in hand to hand combat and archery. Aaron really seemed to like archery. Another skill he enjoyed was jumping from rooftop to rooftop in an activity he called "Parkour". As the years went by Aaron grew into a strong young man but one day the elderly man left his house to never return. Aaron searched the entire village but he was no where to be found. Aaron was all alone again. He set up a base camp in the mans house and began rationing food. He would need to put his new survival skills to the test. He strapped his bow and one arrow to his back went around the village to find supplies. The village was on an island surrounded by large mountains in the center of an ocean, the population was fairly low and the towns people liked to trade. Most of the local goods were at the big farmers market in the center of town where all the villagers would go to sell their stuff and so that's where Aaron was heading as he began to climb rooftops. 

Aaron had never considered himself to be a thief but he knew that desperate times call for desperate measures. He had stolen before but it was mostly food and it happened when he was much younger. The villagers would probably be less forgiving this time around because of his age. When your stuff is stolen by a starving child, people seem to not care as much as they do when its taken by a grown man. They can get rather violent and Aaron knew this. As he leaped from the last roof top and sneakily ducked behind a fountain, he noticed a cart selling weapons that caught his eye. He saw a leather quiver full of arrows that would make carrying his stuff around a lot easier. He was running low on arrows and if he was going to be a survivalist he would need them for hunting and possibly to defend himself. Next to the weapons cart was a clothing rack. He spotted a dark blue hooded cape. It was stylish and could keep him warm through the cold nights while still providing mobility. Now that Aaron had officially scoped out the place and decided what he wanted, it was time to go in for the kill. He jumped out from the fountain and did a tipple back flip in the air while swiping the leather quiver and all the arrows. Achieving a swift landing and running over to the rack of clothes, he grabbed the hooded cape and retreated to the rooftops. "Stop that man!" shouted one of the cart owners but he was already gone.

Later that night, Aaron was hunting in the woods wearing his new hood equip with his new arrow quiver. He had food left at his home base but he was enjoying the practice with his new gear and the sport of it all. Aaron suddenly saw movement from between the trees. It was the size of a deer but it didn't look like one. Then he heard the loud hiss and the creature came charging towards him with its fangs, its several glowing red eyes and its huge dark grey body. It was some sort of giant spider. Aaron instinctively went for his bow. He took a few steps back as the creature went for him and he shot an arrow right in the monsters eye. The spider let out a mighty sound of pain and ran off into the woods leaving Aaron stunned silent. 

Then he heard what he thought was a something breaking. He ran towards it only to see the noise had come from the village. The door of a house had been destroyed and he could see the creature inside through the window. He heard the ear piercing hiss again and the sound of the villagers screaming. He rushed into action, ran out of the woods across the street and into the house. He saw two towns people cowering in fear as the spider crept towards them. He fired an arrow that hit the spider in the another of its eyes. The spider turned its attention towards Aaron as he grabbed a dagger from his boot. He ran at the spider and sliced off one of its legs, weakening it. The villagers ran from the house. Aaron continued stabbing the beast until it lay lifeless on the floor. The Spider was dead and Aaron was victorious. As he left the house, allowing the towns folk to return to their home, they thanked him for protecting them. Aaron felt a sense of pride as he walked back to his base. His skills had paid off by saving the lives of people in need.

It was then that he decided that he could not take his skills for granted. Every night he would sneak from his base wearing the blue hooded cape and do good deeds such as stealing from the rich and giving to the poor or defending villagers from the attacks of the giant spiders. He considered himself quite the hero and so did much of the towns folk. They would get together by firelight and tell stories of the time they saw this "Blue Phantom" and debate his existence. None had saw his face, they only saw the deep dark indent of his hood. The shadows of the hood had masked his identity. Some argued that he had no face or head beneath the hood and that it was empty. They began calling him; Hollow.

Chapter 2: Rage Mesa Rises

Night had come, Hollow dawned his blue hooded cape and journeyed out into the unknown. He decided to hunt for more of the strange spider creatures that had been appearing in the village. After patrolling the village and not finding any spiders, he began checking the forest. He heard the hissing of several spiders and followed the sound through the woods and to the edge of the island. Looking out, he saw a crowd of spiders swimming in the ocean that surrounded the island. As soon as the spiders saw him they began going towards him. Hollow had never seen anything like it before. They were like some sort of amphibious arachnids. Some sort of water bound arthropods. They were Fish Spiders, An abomination of nature. Hollow pulled out his bow and began taking pot shots at the Fish Spiders as they came towards land. The moment they hit the shore they lined up and form a marching pattern. They walked single file through the forest. Hollow stopped firing at them when he noticed they weren't attacking him.      He decided to follow them. He knew that where ever they were going would shed some light on where all these spiders, that were plaguing his village, were coming from. The spiders marching was not natural. Someone or something had trained them to return to them. What could have possibly created such horrific beasts? Who would tamper with nature in such a disgusting and terrible way? What kind of a monster would do such a thing? Who made these fish spiders? This question echoed in Hollow's mind as he followed the fish spiders. He kept his bow in hand, ready to fire if anything were to happen. The spiders continued through the woods, they were heading to the village. The spiders marched to the doors of an old abandoned house and stopped.      That's when the man in red stepped out through the decaying wooden doors of the house and began counting the fish spiders, he seemed not to notice Hollow at first. The man was wearing a full body morph suit of red and black with a large letter 'R' on his chest and a question mark over his face. Hollow drew his bow, he knew trouble when he saw it and if this guy had anything to do with the creation of these spiders then hes going down. "Who goes there?!" shouted the man in red. "They call me, Hollow" he said walking to the front of the line of spiders and facing the man in red. He could not see Hollow's face through the shadow of the hood. "Ahh! I've heard much about you. You've seem to have a few run ins with my spiders but I assure you that they are harmless..mostly" said the man. "They call me Rage and this is my facility, Rage Mesa." Hollow just stared at the man, plotting his demise. "This is your facility? Its just an old run down house." said Hollow. "Its a work in progress. This is just my make shift operations but one day, oh yes, one day I shall build a grand facility and continue my work with the spiders." said Rage before laughing maniacally. "These creatures, they attack people. You know this right? Why do you create them? What is your goal here?" asked Hollow. "Good Question! Uh... Um... Well.. That's also work in progress but don't you worry, I'll find a purpose for them and get them to stop attacking villagers. Just you wait." said Rage smugly. Hollow once again just looked at him, judging. "Why do all villains insist on wearing such ridiculous costumes?" Hollow asked. "What?! Me?! A Villain? No! Never!" Rage said nervously. "Villains have plans for world domination or something like that! I clearly don't!" he lied. "Your building an army of blood thirsty spiders." said Hollow. "" said Rage.      "Look! These things have been killing innocent people in my village! Now, give me a good reason not to kill you and every last one of these disgusting creatures, you monster!" shouted Hollow. He was done playing games. Hollow drew his bow and aimed it at Rage in wait of his reply. "Fish Spiders, Attack!" shouted Rage as he ducked and disappeared into the old abandoned house that was Rage Mesa. Hollow fired a shot that plunged into the decaying wood of the door that Rage was standing in front of before he ducked. The army of fish spiders all attacked at once. They went in for Hollow and pinned him down to the ground, piling on top of him. They began to bite and claw at Hollow's skin. They sank they're large fangs into him. The claws, they cut into his clothes and his flesh. He tried with all his might to force the spiders off of him but they seemed too powerful. He fired his bow wildly into the sea of Fish Spiders. He hit a few spiders and weakened them. Then, by summoning all his strength and will power he was finally able to squeeze out of the pile of fish spiders and take off running into the old house to go after Rage but when he got inside, Rage was gone.      Looking around Rage Mesa, he saw little more than dust and old rusty cages. There was a table with test tubes, beakers for experimenting and piles of what looked like human remains. Next to the table, Hollow saw something and immediately ran to pick it up. There in the dust was the golden pin in the shape of a 'C' that had belonged to his wise teacher. Hollow beamed with anger. "This isn't over." shouted Hollow to the empty warehouse "You have no idea what you've started here! All I needed was a reason and now I'm taking you down!" Hollow was extremely stubborn and once he set his mind to doing something there was no stopping him but unfortunately the same was very true of Rage. Hollow wearily went back to his base and tended to his cuts and fish spider bites. He made sure to get a good nights rest. A war had began and he intended to win.

Chapter 3: The Crew Assembles

The very next night, Hollow searched for Rage or any sign of the Fish Spiders but could not find them. The abandoned house he called 'Rage Mesa' remained empty. Hollow knew that he must have relocated. There was nothing he could do but lay in wait for Rage's return. When he came back, he would be ready. Hollow didn't know it but Rage was recruiting in town. Rage had decided that if he was going to continue his plans and defeat Hollow he would require some of the villagers who were either evil enough to help or stupid enough to be tricked.

Meanwhile, a man named William was getting ready for bed. Will lived in the village, he had heard of the spider attacks and the vigilante hero they call 'Hollow' but it didn't seem to bother him. He spent most of his time inside anyway, so why should he care about any creatures that may lurk outside in the dark. Will had blonde hair and wore light blue pants and undershirt beneath a dark blue jacket lined with buttons. For whatever reason, he also wore goggles on his head. Will was an eccentric man. He may have lived alone but he had several pets. He seemed to have a thing for exotic cats. He had around ten ocelots and one pet lizard he named Ayala. His pets kept him company and he was very fond of them, especially the lizard. He talked to it as if it was a real person and he dreamed of a day when Ayala could be human like him. 

Just as he was laying down to go to sleep for the night, Rage bust through his door. Will sprang from his bed. "Who are you!?" he asked. Will noticed the red and black full body suit the strange man was wearing, he could relate to his weirdness. "Excuse me for my rude entry," said the man "They call me 'Rage' I am the owner of an up-incoming industry that will change the world. I was wondering if you by chance were willing to join my empire." "Oh, Okay. Well.. I'm Will.. What is it that your business does exactly, 'Rage'?" he asked. "We are at the head of a new revolutionary field of bio engineering animals with super abilities. My company is 'Rage Mesa' and we create amazing creatures of science that are half fish and half spider." said Rage. 

"Wait, so you're the one who made those things that have been killing people?" asked Will surprised. "That was a minor flaw in the design, It has been completely worked out. In fact no one actually died from those attacks. It was at most, an injury. Those people have already been paid a settlement and the spiders no longer attack unless commanded to. You have nothing to worry about." said Rage slyly. "So why do you need my help?" asked Will. "There is a man called 'Hollow' who has been trying to destroy all the work I've done to make this world a better place. Hes been killing my Fish Spiders for no good reason, setting back my research by years. I need people like you to be my body guards. If you join me and help fight off Hollow to protect my animals then you'll be doing this village a great service." said Rage. "I don't know. I'm not so sure about this." said Will thinking it over. 

Rage looked around Will's house at all his pets. He noticed the lizard and went over to its glass case. Rage took the lizard from its case and lifted it up. "If you help me, I can help you. I'm a scientist and I can bio-genetically enhance your pets." said Rage. "Can you make Ayala human?" asked Will. "Of course I can! So, are you in?" replied Rage. Will looked at Ayala. "Yes. I'm in." he said determined. Rage let out an evil laugh. "MUAH-HA-HA! Gooood! You and me, Will. Together we shall destroy Hollow and our empire will rise. No one can ever defeat us! We shall be a team of undefeated heroes!" said Rage still holding Ayala. Will followed Rage out into the night. They went to Rage's new place of operations, a more secret location that he hoped Hollow couldn't find. Rage placed Will's lizard into a cage and closed the lid. "I'll have time to work on her later but tonight we have more people to recruit." said Rage.

They chose a random house and broke down the door, waking up the resident, a man named Gubiak who haled from the land of Poland. Gubiak had red hair, glasses and wore a black hoodie with a green slime logo on the back. He was new to the village and had probably not heard of the spider attacks. "What are you doing in my house?" asked Gubiak. "I am Rage and this is Will. We come to offer you a position at our company, Rage mesa. You can take control of an army of Fish Spiders and help fend off people like 'Hollow' who seeks to destroy our business" said Rage. "Is it a paying job?" asked Gubi. "Uh..sure." said Rage. "Okay. good cause I'm broke." said Gubi getting out of bed and standing beside Will and Rage. "Okay cool, Lets go then." said Will as they began walking to the next house over.

Rage and his newly acquired crew of helpers burst through the door of the house only to find a young sheep herder named Evans. He had brown hair and wore a blue jacket and grey pants. He had lived in the village all his life, it would take more than spiders to make him leave. Evans jumped to attention at the sound of the door opening. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" he yelled in anger. "um..We've got a job offer-" "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" shouted Evans interrupting Rage. "Are you sure?" asked Will. "YES! OUT! NOW!" said Evans. As the crew exited Evans house they noticed the sheep grazing in his backyard. Will looked at Rage "Rage, look! Hes got sheep! You can offer him a similar deal that you offered me." said Will. 

The crew went back to the house. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING BACK HERE!? I TOLD YOU TO GO!" shouted Evans. "What do you think of the idea of genetically altered super sheep?" asked Will. Evans face lit up. "I'm listening." said Evans. "I am Rage! The CEO of Rage Mesa and I make super powered animals using my scientific abilities. If you join Will, Gubi and I to fight off those who would do me harm then I shall reward you with a super sheep." said Rage. Evans thought for a moment. He thought of his favorite sheep, a prize winner he named truffles. He thought of truffles having amazing powers, possibly the power to fly or something. "Okay, Sure. I'll do it but if there's any funny business I'm out of here." said Evans. The crew had been assembled and they went back to Rage mesa for the plan to begin.

Chapter 4: A Fluke In His Plan

Will, Evans, Gubi and Rage stood together in a circle in an old warehouse that was now 'Rage Mesa'. "Before we go through with the plan, I'm going to need you each to sign this waver that states that if any of you die or are injured in any way that I am not held liable." said Rage. "Let me see that!" said Evans stealing the piece of paper from Rage. The crew looked over the paper. "No way! I'm not signing this! Are you crazy?!" said Gubiak. "Well it was worth a shot" said Rage taking back the paper and throwing it into the trash. "By the way, you spelled my name wrong. There is no 'Z' in it." said Evans "But I do kind of like that spelling." he laughed. "Maybe I'll start using that from now on." said Evanz. 

"Okay, so onto the plan. From this point our company has been operating in the secret but now its time to bring our fish spiders out in full force to show them to the people and most importantly to gain the attention of Hollow. Once we bring him close, the Fish Spiders can attack him and take him down for good." said Rage. "So, when do I get paid?" asked Gubiak. "When our mission is done I shall provide you all with your payment. I'll give you your money, Will his Human Ayala and Evanz his super sheep." said Rage. "Great. Lets do this. Where are the spiders?" asked Will.

Rage took the crew into the next room of the old warehouse. When they opened the door they saw a massive group of at least fifty spiders all lined up in rows like an army. The spiders sat their docile like robots that had been turned off or computers awaiting a new command. The large room was the covered in dust and old broken machinery. It was the biggest room in the warehouse, the center storage. Will, Gubi and Evanz stood in shock of the spiders. There was something eerie about their motionlessness as if at any moment they could spring to life and attack all at once. They felt uneasy but they didn't want to speak up, they were just glad to be on Rage's good side and not spider food. Rage smiled at the crowd of spiders, the kind of evil prideful smile that a villain might make when a plan comes together. "Spiders! March!" demanded Rage. The spiders simultaneously awoke and began marching to the door in perfect symmetry like an army led by an dictator going to war. The rest of the crew dare not say a word. They just watched horrified. 

"Lets go, crew." said Rage he began leading the spiders out the door into the streets. "What have I done." Will thought to himself. Hearing someone talk about powerful mutant spiders and seeing them being led into battle are two wildly different things and Will was beginning to want to back out of his deal. Through perhaps morbid curiosity the crew followed Rage outside. Once all the spiders and the crew where outside and marching down the street. Rage stopped. "Spiders! Feed!" he commanded. The spiders all broke off from the marching pattern and chaos began to form. The spiders began charging into peoples houses, attacking all the villagers at once. The entire village was under siege. Gubiak shielded his eyes from the horror. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I THOUGHT YOU SAID WE WERE JUST SHOWING THE PEOPLE THE SPIDERS!" cried out Will. "They'll get a good look now, wont they?" said Rage laughing evilly. "I'M DONE! COUNT ME OUT!" said Evanz as he walked away back to his home.

Meanwhile, Hollow was making his nightly rounds, still not able to find Rage's new base. Just as he was beginning to check the end of the village, he suddenly spotted the massive herd of spiders pour out of the warehouse. He saw Rage and his eyes burned with fury. He was going to make him pay tonight. He leaped to the highest perch of a rooftop and watched for a moment, getting a grip on the surroundings. He saw Will, Evanz and Gubi. He saw all the spiders. He was way out numbered. That's when he herd Rage give the call and the spiders started attacking. He saw Will scream out and Evanz walk off. Now was the time for him to act, amidst the chaos and argument. 

Hollow jumped down from the roof, his hooded cape flowing in the cold night air. He reached for his bow and charged at the spiders. He fired an arrow into one of the spiders. "Gubi! Stop him!" ordered Rage. Gubi looked unsure. "Uh.. I guess?" said Gubiak before running at Hollow. Will looked on in disbelief. A spider began breaking a door down. A villagers scream is heard. Hollow delivered a swift punch right to Gubiak's face that knocked him on the ground. Gubi knew when to stay down. Rage looked round for options. Evanz was all the way back home sleeping by now. Hollow pulled out a sword from his hooded cape and began slicing up the spiders one by one, stopping them before they could break the doors down and hurt anyone. "Will! Stop Him!" demanded Rage. "NO! YOU'RE A MONSTER! I'M NOT TAKING ORDERS FROM YOU!" said Will. "Very well then, I didn't need you anyway. Plus, I still have your lizard, Ayala. Shes my lizard now and just wait and see what I turn her into! MUAH-HAHAHAHA!" said Rage running away, ducking into an alleyway, disappearing into the night. "NO! DON'T YOU LAY A HAND ON HER!" yelled Will. 

Just then, Hollow finished killing all the spiders. Weak from battle and covered in blood. Hollow took in a deep breath, pulled his sword from the corpse of the spider and turned to will. The village was painted in the blood of the creatures, the corpses of spiders littered the streets. Hollow had single handedly taken out an entire army. Hollow walked up to Will "Where is he?" asked Hollow in anger. "He went into the alleyways. Hes probably sneaking back into the warehouse" said Will. "You can tell your friend to get up now, I'm not going to hurt him." said Hollow. As he said that, Gubiak stopped playing dead and stood up. He walked over to Will and Hollow. "So, do you guys work for him or not?" asked Hollow. "No. I don't. Not anymore." said Will. "What about you?" said Hollow looking at Gubiak. "Uh...I gotta go" said Gubi taking off running. Will begins to take a step forward. Hollow puts his arm out in front of him. "Let him go. He'll see the error of his ways soon enough. We need to stop this problem at its source. Lets go get Rage." said Hollow. "I've got an idea to trap him in. Its something I've always wanted to do." Said Will. "Okay, I'll help. So are we partners?" asked Hollow. "Yeah. Partners. Lets take this monster down." said Will. He and Hollow shook hands to make it official and then went back to his house to get supplies for his trap.

Meanwhile, Rage was exactly where Will thought he was, in the warehouse. He had gotten in through the back entrance from the alleyway. "I've gotta make this fast before Will rats out my location to Hollow. I didn't expect him to betray me. I guess that was a fluke in my plan." Rage thought to himself. He walked over to the cage that housed Will's lizard, Ayala, and picked her up. He placed the lizard on a table and began his twisted operation. He did to the lizard, the same thing he did to the Fish Spiders, Stabbing it with knifes, burning it in ovens, boiling it in cauldrons, pouring various acids onto it. General torture and then finally covering it in chemicals and radioactive materials. The experiments turns Ayala into a disgusting beast. An insult to nature and life its self. A hideous monster much like its creator strives to be. Ayala grew extremely large, about ten times her normal size. She became what looked like a dinosaur, A giant green mutant lizard like creature. Her eyes were now yellow glowing like stones of furious anger. Her head and feet were now dark green with large purple extended claws and teeth. Her Body was bright green with large green scales protruding from her back like spikes. They were sharp and prickled like a cactus. Rage had created something terrible once more.

As Rage was inside turning Ayala into a monstrous beast, Will and Hollow were outside the warehouse building a wall. "This isn't a very efficient way of trapping him. Why did you have all these building supplies?" asked Hollow. "Its just something I've planned on building for a longest time now. So I gathered the supplies. I feel its my..destiny." said Will. "Uh..Okay, I guess It'll slow him down, I hope this fulfills your dreams or whatever." said Hollow placing down more stone. Hours later the wall was finished and Hollow and Will stood proud atop it. From inside the warehouse, Rage was about to make his escape. He climbed on top of the giant Lizard and Rode out of the front door of the warehouse only to see the large stone wall stacked as high as a building. Hollow and Will looked down from the wall to see the beast Rage was riding upon. "Ayala?" said Will. "What is this massive wall!?" Yelled Rage. 

Will got a determined look on his face. He looked down and Rage and in his mightiest of voices he echoed "This, my friend is... THE WALL OF A MILLION OCELOTS!". He pulled the lever down with all his might and suddenly ocelots came shooting out of the top of the wall. The tens of ocelots poured down from the sky blocking out the moon in a lunar eclipse of cat. Will laughed in delight, he had finally done it, he had made his dream a reality. "This! This is why I breed ocelots!" he laughed. The ocelots hit the ground, landing on their feet of course, and scurried away into the night. Rage was momentarily put off by this but then he regained his composer. "Your wall wont stop me!" he shouted as he charged Ayala with full force into the wall. Rage and Ayala repeatedly hit into the wall until finally they smashed through the stone with a loud crash. The stone crumbled all over and the dust filled the air. Rage came charging through the opening on his mount. The wall had distracted him long enough, Hollow took his shot. 

From atop the giant wall, Hollow had drawn his bow. He fired at Rage and hit him directly in the shoulder, the impact of the arrow knocked Rage off of Ayala and onto the hard cobblestone path. He hit the earth with a mighty thud. He was wounded but not dead. Will took the opportunity and climbed onto his now mutant pet lizard. He began riding around in circle as celebration. Then he stopped and looked down at Rage. The Anger built within him and he shouted "I am your undoing! I am your unseen downfall! I am the unexpected flaw in your evil system! I AM THE FLUKE IN YOUR PLAN AND THIS IS MY FLUKEASAUR!". 

Hollow climbed down from the wall of ocelots and rushed over to Rage before he could get up. Hollow reached into his cape and pulled out the golden pin in the shape of a letter 'C'. He showed the pin to the wounded Rage. "Where is the man you took this from?" asked Hollow. "Hes Dead..  I fed him to my Fish Spiders.. " said Rage weakly. Hollow hung his head sadly and closed his eyes. He took a breath in and held it for a moment then suddenly raised his head back up at Rage and opening his eyes wildly and grid his teeth. With all his anger, all his fury, with everything in him, he hit Rage over and over again. He beat Rage senseless. He made him pay for everything hes ever done, for every monster hes created and released onto this world, for every life that was lost because of him, for every drop of blood he ever spilled and most importantly for the death of Hollow's teacher, the only man that had ever been a father to him. Hollow picked up Rage's beaten almost lifeless body and put him over his shoulder. He carried him to his base, put him down on the floor and built a cage around him. "I sentence you to one hundred years dungeon." he said. Then Hollow immediately dove into bed and took a long well deserved rest for the night.

Hollow had decided against putting Rage in a real jail, because of fear of him escaping, instead Rage would stay in Hollow's base where he could keep an eye on him. After checking Rage's warehouse and finding nothing, it was torn down. Hollow was completely certain that he had killed all of Rage's Fish Spiders. Evanz still wanted nothing to do with it all and tried to forget he was ever involved in this story. Hollow and Will remained friends. Will now goes by "Fluke" based on his epic speech from the night they took Rage down. Fluke and Hollow sometimes patrol the night together with Hollow traveling by rooftop and Fluke traveling by Flukeasaur. Although they have less to do now that Rage is behind bars, they still manage to save people. The Spiders are gone, Rage mesa is destroyed and all is right with the world, for now.

Chapter 5: Birth Of Fish Spider Industries

After the meteoric rise and fall of Rage Mesa, Hollow was certain that Rage would spend the rest of his life in the dungeon he made for him. It was perhaps his complacency that was his undoing, for Hollow failed to note one key detail, Gubiak. In an hour of need, Gubi turned to Rage. He had still not received his payment and a part of him still believed in Rage's cause for a better town. How could you build a better place if you do not first break down whats already there? If change was to come at the cost of a few callosities then so be it. Gubiak had decided he wanted to rule at Rage's side, He was in seek of money and power. While Hollow was away paroling the village, Gubiak sneaked into his base and freed Rage from his cage. Rage let out an unsettling evil laugh. "GoOoOd! Now begins phase two of my plan. Come with me Gubi, I know exactly where to go from here." said Rage as he and Gubi faded away into the night.

Hollow returned to his base to see Rage missing from his dungeon, he beamed with anger. "NO! I can't let this happen! I've got to find him, fast." He thought to himself as he took off into the village like a bolt of lightning. Rage and Gubi were at the docks stealing a boat. They climbed aboard a random boat and set sail in the water. "Uh.. Why are we doing this?" asked Gubi. "Its time for us to journey to a brave new world to build our official industries." Replied Rage. "But I thought you cared about the village." said Gubiak. "Oh don't worry, We'll return to the village in due time but our empire must be constructed in a safe location far away from here where Hollow cannot reach us. Also, I've decided against the name Rage Mesa. We're Re-branding now. Our Industries shall be known as 'Fish Spider Industries' and we're going undercover." Said Rage. "How are you going to afford the costs to build this place?" Asked Gubi. "I know a guy, I've been waiting to meet with. We're getting our private funding" said Rage with an evil smile. They Traveled by water until they reached land. There they saw a giant volcano, The Perfect location for Fish Spider Industries.

After searching everywhere and even recruiting the help of Fluke, Hollow could not find Rage or Gubiak. Hollow went back to his base to just brood for a while. For the first time in a while, he didn't know what to do and felt like it was his fault. "I can't find Rage, but given the way he does things, he won't stay silent for long. He'll show himself in some way and I'll be ready." Hollow thought to himself. He began physical training and stayed on full alert at all times. 

Evanz sat alone in his house. He'd been ignoring the attacks of the Fish Spiders and once again trying pretending he wasn't in this story. He was at his desk when suddenly from behind him he heard a familiar voice. "Hello, Evanz." said Rage. Evanz quickly turned to see Rage sitting in his chair "No! Not You! I told you, I'm out! Don't involve me in anything you do." said Evanz. "Its not that simple. I told you that if you worked with me you'd get a super sheep and I'm a man of my word." said Rage. "You?! A man of his word?! Yeah right. I don't need a super sheep, Truffles is fine, and besides, I didn't follow through on your plan. You don't owe me anything." said Evanz. "You followed the plan, in a way. so in return I've chosen to fulfill your request, in a way." said Rage as he let out an evil laugh. He grabbed a burlap sack and put it over Evanz head. "Hey! What does that mean!? Where are you taking me!?" screamed Evanz as he carried him away.

Eight months pass with no sign of Rage but then suddenly one day while Hollow was in the woods, a faint hiss is heard. He leaps into action killing the spider in a single slice of his mighty sword. The spiders, They're back. Hollow Ran to the village only to see the infestation charging through the streets. Fluke stood in the middle of the street trying to fight off the spiders. Hollow ran to his aid. "All these spiders out of no where, He must have just released them." Said Hollow to Fluke as the continuously hacked spiders to bits. "You know the drill. Stop them from getting inside the houses. This is gonna take a while." Said Fluke.

"The Spiders have been released, Rage." said Gubiak teleporting into Rage's CEO Office. "Good Work but don't call me that, We're undercover now. Call me, Josh." said Rage sitting at his golden desk wearing a suit and tie. His hair was dark brown and he wore glasses across his thin face. He was no longer wearing his full red and black body suit, Hollow had never seen what he actually looked like and wouldn't be able to recognize him now. The walls of the office were whiteish grey, the floor was black and red checked, glass windows surrounded him. "Its time to start advertising our business." Said Rage. "Yes Sir, Josh." Said Gubi exiting the room and going back to the communications array through the teleporter. Rage had been hiring workers for the company and now had a small army at their disposal. His employees were not only at the industry but also in the village.

The Last of the crowd of spiders had fallen. Hollow and Fluke had cleared the streets from the evil scourge of Fish Spiders. The townsfolk stood shocked with fear, suddenly a man emerged from within a house. The man was wearing a white uniform with a red and black circular logo on it. Below the logo was his name tag that read 'Timothy'. He was holding several sheets of paper, he walked up to a lamp post and stuck one of them to it before continuing on his way through the town placing more flyers. Hollow and Fluke looked at the flyer, It had the same logo on it. A red circle with a black square in the center and two red eyes. In big bold letters it said "FISH SPIDER INDUSTRIES" and below said "We offer a solution to the problem! Get our new Fish Spider Repellent!" along with the address. Hollow and Fluke looked at each other. "Seems like someones trying to capitalize off a tragedy. I don't trust this. I've got to check this out for myself. You stay here and protect the village." Said Hollow. "Wait, you gotta think this through, you cant just charge in there in full hooded gear and you'll never get any answers by just sneaking around the place. You've got to go in like a normal person." said Fluke. "Your Right." said Hollow looking down at the address on the flyer. "And It looks like I'll need a boat too." he said charging off towards the docks.

Chapter 6: Health And Safety

Hollow Arrived by boat to the docking area of the landmass that houses Fish Spider Industries just as the sun was rising transforming the night into morning. He was not wearing his hood and none had seen his face since before he began fighting crime. He was certain that no one would recognize him, he was Aaron once more. Stepping off the boat he was immediately met with the sight of the giant Red circle logo with the black square and red eyes. Gubiak came up to him. "Are you a new recruit?" asked Gubi "Uh..No. I'm.. I'm the health inspector, yeah that's it. The Health Inspector. I need to talk to the owner of this facility." said Hollow. "Oh, Right this way" said Gubiak leading Hollow to a wall on the dock with two Iron doors labeled 'Restricted'. Rage walked out through one of the doors. Hollow and Rage didn't seem to recognize each other. "Who's this?" asked Rage. "He says hes a health inspector. I think he needs a tour." said Gubi. "Oh Really? Well if the man wants a tour then give him a tour!" said Rage smiling evilly. Hollow definitely knew something was up now. "My names Josh. I am the CEO of Fish Spider Industries." said Rage extending his hand out to Hollow. "I'm Aaron." said Hollow as he reluctantly shook Rage's hand. "Whats through that restricted door?" asked Hollow. "Oh, I'll show you!" Said Rage opening the iron door.

Hollow followed Rage through the door. "This is The Mega Death Laser!" said Rage gesturing to a giant dark red and silver canon weapon at the edge of the dock pointed to the water. "This does not look very safe!" yelled Hollow in protest. "What if this was fired at another ship or to invade a country!?" he continued. "Don't worry, Only our FSI employees are allowed to use these." said Rage. "I bet your paying some sixteen year old lad who's getting minimum wage to do this!" said Hollow. "Hey, man. We have standards at Fish Spider Industries. Hes seventeen." said Rage exiting the restricted area. Rage and Hollow walked across the bridge overlooking the entrance garden of the facility until they finally reached the STATION. "I hope you don't mind that we have to take a tram to get there, just enjoy the view" said Rage climbing onto a cart like vehicle on rails. Hollow soon joined and the vehicle began moving along the rail exiting the STATION through a tunnel. They traveled along the track overlooking a wooded area, Hollow looked down "Uh, whats that dense forest below us?" asked Hollow. "That's just the spider woods. Its infested with blood thirsty Fish Spiders. Not a big deal." said Rage. "You're really not making a good impression on this safety review." said Hollow. "I get that a lot" replied Rage. They finally arrived at the other STATION. They stepped out to see the beautiful sight of the facility, embedded into the side of an active volcano. A black pathway of stones lead up the wide stairway. The entrance had two columns at either side of the double wide doors. The overhang had the Fish Spiders logo on it and the large windows revealed the main lobby. Two fountains lined the walk way with spurts of water jolting upward. Lava poured down the side of the volcano. Hollow was awestruck. It was amazing yet evil and violent all at once.

They walked up the stairs and entered the building into the main lobby. They were greeted by two receptionists at the front desk in FSI uniforms. Rage waved to one of them "Hey Betty, hows it going" he said but she did not respond. Above the front desk was a massive screen with several different camera views of the island, monitoring it at all times. Fountains lined the walls of the lobby and a large FSI logo was displayed in the back with water pouring from the ceiling like waterfalls. In the lobby on either side was two electronic lifts. One labeled 'Cafeteria' The other labeled 'Science Department'. Rage and Hollow checked out the Cafeteria, It seemed normal enough and then finally Rage had to show Hollow the labs. After going down the lifts, They were faced with two doors. 'Combating' and 'Repelling'. Hollow opened the door to Repelling and went in, Rage followed. 

The room was solid white like a hospital, It gave off that unnatural feeling that sterile places like that do. Various books about spider biology were laid out all over the room. The center table had test tubes and beakers and the back wall had three empty glass cases with two buttons beside it. Rage pushed a button marked 'Deliver Fish Spider Young' and three small Spiders fell down through a hatch in the ceiling of the glass containers. Hollow was disgusted not only by the creatures but by the treatment. "Why would a facility made for fighting Fish Spiders have a supply of them?" He thought. Rage then pushed the other button simply marked 'Test' and mist sprayed into the glass cases. The spiders let out a horrible hiss and began to move slower. They rived in pain as all energy left their body. Rage watched in delight and Hollow in disgust as they suffered and died. "I've seen enough." said Hollow. "No! You've got to see the combating room!" said Rage in manic glee. It had become very clear that he was enjoying showing off his work. 

Hollow bitterly agreed to view the last room. He entered the combating area only to see another white room with many glass cases. "This first one is where we fire arrows at the spiders, this is just testing that Fish Spiders do indeed die." Said Rage gesturing to case with dispensers that fire arrows. "This one is a mine field, this one is for burning them in lava from the volcano and the last one kills them by dropping them from a large height." said Rage showing Hollow the cases, each one worse than the last. "What are you trying to learn exactly!?" yelled Hollow to Rage. "They just do work. Its science. To be able to sell repellent we need to know how to kill them right?" said Rage slyly. Hollow was not convinced, he could see that this company was not 'The solution to the problem' like they claimed. "Where do you get the money for this research?" asked Hollow. "Private funded." said Rage. Hollow knew that this facility had more than just these labs and he intended to come back later when the CEO was gone. "Okay, This safety inspection is over. I'll get back to you with your results." said Hollow as he took his leave. "Come back anytime if you want another tour!" said Rage as Hollow faded from view.

Later in the day, Rage had requested a meeting with a few of his employees. He sat at the end of a long table in a greyish white room. To one side of him was a blank wall with a lever on it and to the other was a large window that revealed a room with a giant FSI Logo, a rail system and a lava pit. At the other end of the table sat only Gubiak. "Hey, wasn't there supposed to be more people here?" he asked. "Funny you should mention that." said Rage evilly. He grabbed the lever on the wall labeled 'Start meeting' and pulled down on it with all his might. Fire shot from the ceiling of the room displayed through the window. Two carts began going down the rail system, one on each side. Gubiak looked on in surprise. One of them was Timothy and the other was the receptionist Betty. The two carts continued down the rail system until they both met the dead end on either side and the carts fell directly into the lava pit. "You just killed two people! Was that really necessary!?" said Gubiak. "Its just a power display. Timothy was a loser and Betty didn't say Hi to me." said Rage causally. "So whats this meeting about, Josh?" asked Gubi. "We need to discuss our partnership. I've got a lot of employees at this point, so much so that they are rather disposable. I've sort of decided I no longer need you. So, yeah." said Rage as a group of his FSI bodyguards entered the room and grabbed Gubiak. "WHAT?! NOOO!" screamed gubi as they took him to the holding cell. "Welp, I'm hungry. Can you slaves get me some food?" said Rage.

Chapter 7: Secrets of The Lab

Night at fallen, Hollow entered the facility through the cover of darkness. Sneaking around the main lobby he quickly discovered a button next to the FSI logo. Upon pressing this button one of the waterfall streams stopped and a section of the wall moved away to reveal an entrance. He knew that Fish Spider Industries was up to no good but he didn't know they were intelligent enough to hide it. Hollow went through the passage only to see a grey stone room with two robotic goelms posted in the way. A sign above one of the robots read "Important: Have ID ready or you will be shot, and shot, and shot.". Hollow looked at the machines, took a deep breath and with all his energy ran past the goelms dodging their bullet fire. He ran into a room marked 'Communications Array'. 

As he entered he noticed the huge room led to the back of the facility. He walked along a bridge path and looked up in amazement to see a tropical paradise built on the inside of the volcano complete with a working Tiki Bar. Luscious trees, vines and greenery filled the interior of the volcano. The suspended walkway had screens and chests likely filled with weapons. In the center of all this was a strangely shaped metal device that had a greenish glow and shot up a beam of light into the sky like a beacon. Hollow looked up once more to see an office suspended in mid air with the stream of light shooting through it, Almost like an 'enchanted area'. He had never seen technology like this before but he deduced that the machine must be a generator of some sort being used to power the facility. Hollow continued his journey through the evil facility, walked through tropical forest He came to the edge of the volcano and saw an entrance marked 'Factory'. "I'll finally be able to take a look at the actually industry side to this place and see what it is they produce." he thought to himself. 

He walked through the dimly lite white corridor into the first room of the factory. He saw a giant bulky machine with a conveyor belt. Thick metal piping lined the wall, a cat walk hung above the room. Heavy pistons repeatedly slammed into material. Enclosed areas of the conveyor belt even involved fire being shot out at the materiel. The production line split off into two places at the end. One led an inferno for faulty product and the other led to an area for successful product, a room filled with storage crates that houses a large red truck that was meant to load up the crates and drive them away into the night. The machine efficiently curned out product. It appeared to be just purple liquid in bottles. "I guess this is the Fish Spider Repellent they've been advertising. This doesn't seem particularly evil." thought Hollow as he continued through the factory.

In the next room, he saw three pods filled with blue liquid. Pipes and tubes ran all along the room and into the pipes. The room was labeled 'Chro-genic Freezing'. Hollow walked up to the first pod and put his hand on the cold glass. Inside the pod was what looked like a man floating in the liquid. On closer inspection he noticed the half sheep face and the wool protruding from the blue jacket. The name plate read "Evanz - The WearSheep". Hollow recognized the man from the first time he encountered Rage. Rage had fulfilled Evanz request, in a way. It was a horrible disgusting abuse science and nature that defied the most basic of human ethics. Hollow knew that no human should ever suffer this kind of torture. The next pod contained a small baby wearing a blue shirt and a diaper. The nameplate simply read "The Babe". He looked at the last pod only to see a strange humanoid tiger creature. The nameplate read "HisseyLeSnake". Yet another abomination of nature, Hollow was beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together. He only knew one man who would commit such terrible atrocities. Somehow, Rage was involved in this but he didn't know how. Hollow pulled down the lever and all three pods drained of water and opened. All three of the creatures within them immediately ran off through the door Hollow entered through and escaped the facility.     Eventually, Hollow came to a room with a rail system stretching across the floor going through various machines and up to the ceiling through an exit. He saw a spider suddenly appear on the track in a cart. It went through the machines that fired at it and sprayed repellent, he heard the horrifying hiss of the spider in pain. The cart traveled up the rail to the ceiling and disappeared out the exit. "What?! Did that seriously just release the spider?" Thought Hollow. "These monsters that has been tortured since birth in this facility, breed specifically to be experimented on and killed and this rail cart actually just releases them out into the open?!". Suddenly Hollow heard a noise from behind him and a man entered the room, It was Rage. "I thought I heard someone sleuthing around my factory. The spider screams was a dead give away." he said. "Um.. I was just leaving." said Hollow. "Not so fast. I cant let you go anywhere now that you have seen the secret labs. Also not to mention you freed my creatures from their frozen chamber. Ya know, you remind me of one of them, The Babe." Said Rage. 
"What Babe?" said Hollow. 
"The Babe with the power."
"What Power?"
"The Power of Voodoo?" 
"Who do?" 
"You do." 
"Do what?" 
"Remind me of The Babe."
Hollow suddenly began to get very angry and wasn't sure why. Rage looked at him. "You know, I've got to give you credit for being the first to find the entrance in the lobby. Why don't I show you the last room of the factory before I you die, Mister 'Health Inspector' man" said Rage. "Wait, You knew I wasn't a real health inspector?" asked Hollow. "Yeah but I played along to see where you were going with this whole scam. Our original inspector fell through some glass on a catwalk and died. It was pretty hilarious. Now follow me." said Rage exiting the Spider releasing room and entering the last room of the factory. 

Hollow entered and looked up in horror to see parts to a giant Fish Spider Attack Robot. "This is the masterpiece! The Fish-Borg 9000!" he said before laughing manically like a super villain. That's when it finally clicked, that laugh. Hollow recognized it, Josh, The CEO of Fish Spider Industries was the evil Rage who he had defeated in the past and this is where he escaped to. Hollow looked at him. "Rage?" he asked. Rage suddenly stopped evil laughing and a cold expressionless look went across his face. "Take him away." he said as four body guards entered the room and quickly grabbed Hollow by the arms. "NOOOOO! YOU MONSTER!" screamed Hollow as the large men dragged him down a corridor to a holding cell. Those words made Rage think back for a moment. He remembered those exact words being said to him before many times when he went up against Hollow. It all made sense to him now, Only a skilled person like the blue hooded vigilante would be able invade his facility. He now knew that this 'Aaron The Health Inspector' had been Hollow all along. Rage gave a knowing wave to Hollow as his guards dragged him away. "See ya Hollow!" he mocked. The men throw Hollow down on the cold hard flooring of the cell and slam the door with a mighty thud enveloping the room into darkness.

Chapter 8: Bat Sheep Inspections

As Hollow lay trapped in the cell, Rage's empire grew. The villagers became completely reliant on Fish Spider Industries for their repellent. Every few days Rage would release more spiders into the town to kill people and the only ones who survived were the ones with repellent. Rage had found a way to cheat the system by producing both the supply and the demand. He controlled the problem and the cure in a vicious cycle. Not even Fluke could stop the onslaught of spider attacks and chose to hide out away from the village in wait of Hollow's return. The economy of the village crumbled as the population grew thinner. Owners of important shops and traders would die from spider attacks and jobs became hard to come by. The only job to be found was to work as an employee for Fish Spider Industries. Rages army of workers became more and more disposable by the minute. If he sent one into a lava pit, three others would pop up to take the job spot. Rage began raising the prices of the repellent to ridiculous levels and lowered the pay of his workers to dirt cheap. Before long his company was not only self sustaining but extremely profitable. They no longer needed the 'Private Funding'. Rage had ruled the village like he set out to do and now he would spread his spiders to the world.

Looking around the holding cell, Hollow saw two other people. One was Gubiak who he immediately recognized and gave a disappointed glare to. "I see Rage finally turned on you." said Hollow. Gubi just lowered his head in shame. The other was a Scottish man in full kilt garb. "So, Who are you? Why did Rage put you in here?" asked Hollow looking at the Scotsman. "The names Spud McCullough!" said the man is a harsh grizzled voice. "Rage didn't like the facility I was working on, said it was too similar to his". "Really?!" said Hollow. "Yeah, he said something about me 'stepping on his turf' and that he 'goes hard', whatever that means." said Spud. "Well thats just unfair. I tell ya what, when I break out of here you can come with me and together we can finish that facility just to spite Rage." said Hollow. "What makes you so sure you'll get out, lad?" asked Spud. "I'm Hollow. No prison on earth can hold me." he said epicly.

Fluke was resting by a tree just outside the village when he spotted another flyer for FSI. "Okay, Its been a week now since Hollow left, Its time to go get him. The village is in trouble and he would never let this happen unless he physical couldn't get back. He needs my help." Fluke thought to himself and he headed towards the docks. He boarded the boat with a sword and his pet Flukeasaur. He arrived at the island that houses Fish Spider Industries in mid day. He charged off the boat and onto the FSI docks, smashing right through the logo statue shattering it to pieces. He ran through the evil spider forest, crushing trees beneath the feet of his mighty Flukeasaur. He leaned to the woods floor as he rode on, slicing the exposed spiders from the trees to pieces. He let out an epic battle cry as he exited the forest, charged up the stairs and smashed through the front door of the lobby. After looking around the lobby without a trace of Hollow, He rode to the back of the room and busted through the fountain and the logo in anger to reveal the hidden labs of the facility. The robotic guards shot bullets into the thick skin of the Flukesaur with no effect, Fluke ripped the machines asunder with the blade of his magnificent sword, leaving wires and metal pieces scattering the room. He smashed into the communicating array only to see Rage wearing his full red and black body suit standing there on the bridge in front of the tropical volcano encloser. Now that Hollow had discovered him, he had no reason to hide. Fluke hesitated for a moment and then spotted the factory opening at the other end of the volcano and began charging over to it. "STOP HIM!" yelled Rage but his employees were elsewhere working in the facility. Rage tried chasing after the Flukesaur but it was too fast. He gave up and collapsed to the floor to catch his breath. Rage wasn't very good at running, or moving that much in general. Fluke finally reached the factory, he looked around the place, smashing all he could until he finally found the holding cell. The Flukeasaur flicked back its tail and then slammed it into the wall crushing it instantly.

Hollow was sitting in the cell when the wall behind him suddenly fell to pieces and crashed to the ground. He quickly turned around to see Fluke riding atop the Flukeasaur. He got up to his feet and ran out through the hole in the wall. Fluke extended his hand, Hollow grabbed it and used it as leverage to climb onto the back of the Flukeasaur. He gestured to the other cellmates. Gubi and Spud walked out with them, and climbed on the massive lizard creature. Once everyone was secured on the back, They charged away back through the facility, All they had to do now was escape. The mighty Flukesaur ravaged the land, destroying all in its path as it charged to the docks. Rage sent his countless employees after them. They chased after them but couldn't stop them. Fluke, Hollow, Gubi and spud reached the docks and the ship took off out into the sea just before the employees could use the mega death laser. 

"Thanks for the rescue." said Hollow to Fluke. "Anytime, So what happened?" Fluke asked. "Rage owns Fish Spider Industries and hes releasing the spiders so people have to buy his repellent." said Hollow. "What are we going to do? Hes got a massive army of employees and an evil empire. How can we stop someone like that?" asked Fluke. "With our own army and a heroic empire." said Hollow. The group looked at each other. "Spud, That facility you were building. Can you give us directions?" asked Hollow. "I sure can, laddy. You helped me escape, you're a man of your word." Said Spud McCullough. Hollow turned to Gubiak. "Now is the time for you to redeem yourself for all you you've helped to destroy. Would you want to join our empire?" asked Hollow. "No, at this point I'll just cut my losses and go back to the village, if you let me of course." said Gubi. "You're free to do whatever you want. I won't stop you but just know that there will always be a place for you at our facility. I'll designate a room for you." said Hollow. Before long, the ship arrived at an island. Fluke, Hollow and Spud stepped of the ship and Gubi continued sailing back home. 

Hollow looked at the island. It just appeared to be an ice cream shop. It was a building made into the shape of an ice cream cone with some mountains behind it. "What is this, spud?!" asked Hollow. "Its a cover. Follow me." said Spud as they walked into the ice cream shop. It contained only one room and in the center of that room was a machine that dispensed ice cream with different flavors such as 'Extreme mint, Extreme chocolate, Extreme Strawberry' and so on. "Watch this!" Said Spud McCullough as he pulled the lever down on the dispenser labeled 'Extreme Secret'. A place in the floor opened up leading to a ladder and a secret tunnel system. Hollow, Fluke and Spud climbed down the latter and began walking through the tunnel. At the other end of the tunnel was another latter. "So, If its not an Ice Cream Shop then what is the facility." Asked Hollow climbing the second latter. As he exited the tunnel he was met with the amazing site of the facility. A futuristic space ship like building suspended in the air held up by four large pillars over a pool of lava and a glass ring surrounding the top. The pillars were each buildings of their own, Pathways with lamps connected the pillars and all of it was concealed by mountains stretching around the entire facility. In front of it all was a logo statue like FSI had but this one was massive Bat symbol with a sheep face. "Welcome to Bat Sheep Industries. This is where I intended to capitalize on the trend of bio-genetically engineered creatures. I was planning to make half bat, half sheep creatures but Rage captured me." said Spud. "Wait, you were going to create monstrous creatures? Sheep creatures like I saw in that glass pod? Like Evanz? Well, We're not doing that anymore. I've seen enough abominations." Said Hollow looking at spud. "We don't need more of those. You can keep the logo and the theme but from now on, We are health inspectors and this is our inspection hub. We are Bat Sheep Inspections." 

Fluke and spud agreed with Hollow. The only thing that needed to be built was the interior and some finishing touches. They began working on that until everything was perfect. Now all they needed was an army. It was recruitment time. Hollow sent out signals and advertised. He sought out the survivors of the village to get them to join him. Like a beacon of light in a dark world, the facility was there for those who wanted to rebel against Rage, for those who wanted a better tomorrow. Just as Rage was expanding his empire to engulf the world, Hollow wanted the world to know that there was an alternative. His flyer read "You don't have to give in to Rage! Join our quest for peace! Help us defeat the Fish Spider Menace and put an end to evils reign! Join Bat Sheep Inspections." and had the address listed. The company didn't sell anything so it survived off donations from the people. 

Rage's empire had expanded into several different branches of his facility. It was no longer just the main branch, now there was a south branch and a branch code named 1922. Rage was sending his most trusted evil employees and business partners out across the land to build there only facilities not only to expand to regions of the world but also to serve as backups to continue his work. Rages empire with all its different branches had consumed the world in chaos. Nearly half the population was now a Fish Spider Industries Employee and it was mostly because they had to. Rage had finally finished his giant spider mech, The Fish-Borg 9000. He used it to protect his Main Branch Facility and to destroy anyone who dare to stand in his way. Cities were laid to waste under the population of spiders. It had become progressively harder for Hollow to take down a company of this size but he refused to give up, he continued to recruit and before long he had an entire army of good people who were willing to fight to stop Rage and his spiders. Hollow had recruited an entire generation of people. It was The generation of the heroes, The generation of willpower, The generation of justice, The generation of Hollow.

Chapter 9: Industries Falling

Hollow had a plan for Bat Sheep Industries that had been building up to the moment that they had an army. Hollow had secretly been building a giant robot mech with his donations and now was the time to use it. "Fluke, Hes got three branches that we know of, Main Branch, South Branch and 1922 Branch I trust you and Spud to help me take them down. We'll each go to one and split the army into three for backup. Its time to divide and conquer." Said Hollow to the group. The time had finally come to end this once and for all. Fluke got into the official BSI war plane and flew off towards south branch. Spud boarded the war ship and sailed off to 1922 Branch. Hollow climbed into his mech and blasted off into the sky heading towards Main Branch. The Armies were sent out by boat to the various locations. If all went according to plan, This would be the day the industries would fall.

Fluke was the first to attack. As he flew over south branch he saw nothing more than a small hut resting atop a large mountain. He knew it was a decoy, The real industry was burred below. He flew in close, made sure there was no employees inside and then swiftly shot a fireball from the front of his jet, exploding the hut in a bright display of fire. The entrance to the real facility had been exposed. Fluke landed his plane. The employees had been alerted and were sending word to main branch, he'd have to make this fast. Fluke ran down the stairs into the facility. He enters the white room to see a giant FSI logo and the employees in lab coats scattered everywhere. They stopped dead in their tracks and looked angrily at Fluke. "Okay, Lets do this." he said pulling out his sword. Fluke did his best to fight off the herd of evil employees, being sure to only mame or wound them. 

Eventually, backup arrived. A giant army of BSI Agents began swarming the facility. They marched in and began fighting alongside Fluke. They held off the FSI employees long enough for Fluke to get away and escape further into the facility. He found a room that held the machine that powered the facility called 'The Nexus Reactor'. He knew that if he broke the glass it would probably explode. He ran back into the room filled the agents fighting. He went up to one of them. "I need everyone out of here, go." Fluke whispered. The agent told the others, they all suddenly pulled out handcuffs and restrained the FSI employees. "You're under citizens arrest for crimes against humanity." said one of the agents. They cuffed the employees and marched them out away from the facility. Fluke ran back to The Nexus Reactor. With all his mighty he threw his sword directly into the glass of the reactor and energy began leaking out. "Meltdown in Ten..Nine" said a robotic voice. Fluke dashed out of the facility as fast as he could and got back in his war plane. He flew off as the facility exploded in the background. Cool guys don't look at explosions. His mission had been accomplished. South Branch was down. The facility was gone and the employees were captured. Fluke flew back to The Sheep Bat Inspections Base.     Spud arrived at the dock to see a few modest wooden and brick buildings and watchtowers. The giant burning Fish Spider Head Statue caught his eye. Its mighty presents casted out across the ocean. Through the windows of the buildings Spud could see the stockpile of chests holding various supplies. Much like every Fish Spider Industries branch and even Bat Sheep Inspections base, It was a decoy, All fake. The Real industries were concealed at the bottom of an elevator and that is where the employees were. Spud fired a mighty blast at the fake facility destroying it instantly. He continued to set off blasts that destroyed the FSI statue, the other buildings and the watch towers. He boarded the dock, ran to the elevator and flipped the lever as the other buildings burned and crumbled around him. The elevator stopped at the bottom to reveal a massive cave filled with houses, buildings, factories and spider habitats. Spud stepped off the elevator and it lifted back up. Just then, backup arrived. The crowd of BSI agents crammed into the elevator and went down. They marched out into the underground base and began raiding various buildings. The agents put cuffs on the FSI employees and began escorting them out and up through the elevator. Spud looked around for a way to destroy the place. Everything was brick, wooden or stone. There was no power source to be found. 

Suddenly an agent came down the elevator riding on the back of the Flukeasaur. He went up to spud and dismounted. "We figured you'd need this to take the place down" he said. Spud climbed atop the beast and began charging through buildings. He smashed through a wall of the factory, ran through it and smashed through the other wall leaving the building with no support, causing it to collapse in on itself. He continued to do this will every building, destroying thousands of dollars worth of research and misspending done by Rage. once every building had been destroyed and turned to rubble, an agent pulled out a lighter and tosses it into the pile, burning the remaining wood for good measure. Spud and the agents then journeyed into the spider habitats which were two small caves filled with webbing and groups of spiders. They got out their swords and using there combined forces they were able to slice all the remaining spiders to bits. The agents left back up through the elevator. Spud and The Flukesaur quickly followed. Once everyone was out of the underground facility, a BSI agent pulled out a pair of wire cutters and broke off the cable sending the elevator crashing down to the bottom and breaking into many pieces. Spud and the agents looked around the destroyed remains that was once FSI 1922 branch and boarded the ship back to the BSI base.

Hollows mech landed just outside the stairs that lead to the main lobby of FSI main branch. Rage was in his CEO office when he heard the alert that south branch was under attack by a war plane. "They're doing it. They're actually attacking us now. This calls for desperate measures." thought Rage as he teleported out of his office and into the communications array. He climbed into his giant spider mech and exited through the factory. Rage was heading to south branch to stop fluke but as he made his way around the volcano to the front of the facility he saw Hollow arrive in his giant robot suit. The battle was on. Hollow charged at Rage's giant spider mech and shot his giant arm canon. Rage quickly dodged out of the way and ran at Hollow shooting lasers from its mighty red Fish Spider eyes. The lasers barely even damaged Hollow's metal suit. He picked up the spider with ease. Hollow turned with the spider raised above his head and threw it will all his might at the facility. With a massive crash, Rage fell into the main lobby of his facility crushing the entire building. The walls caved it, the roof hit the floor. The entire main lobby was destroyed. Luckily the receptionist was somewhere else slacking on her job as always. Rage's mech had landed on its big bulky spider back and had a difficult time flipping over. Hollow noticed him struggling, marched his robot suit over and placed his foot on the spider. Rage was trapped. He desperately tried flipping levers and pushing buttons on the control panel to no avail. Finally, with no other option, Rage ejected himself from his mech suit and ran over to the now exposed entrance to the secret labs. With Rage now gone, Hollow crushed the giant spider until it was nothing more than gears, cogs and tiny bits of metal. 

Hollow marched his suit over to railway and began ripping it down. He completely destroyed the track and then began stomping on the evil spider forest. He crushed both the STATIONs beneath his mighty feet. Soon backup had finally arrived. They charged off the dock, through the destroyed forest and main lobby into the secret labs. They began fighting the employees and arrested them. Hollow marched his mech back to the volcano, ready for anything. He knew Rage wouldn't let this place go without a fight. Meanwhile, Rage had retreated back to his CEO office. He got an alert that The south branch had been completely destroyed and that now the 1922 branch was under attack by a boat. "No. They've come for us all! I can't let them do this! I don't have a choice. The time has finally use...The Panic Room." Rage thought to himself. He looked out the window at the tropical paradise inside the volcano one last time and slowly walked over to the right door in his office. 

He somberly opened the iron door and entered the panic room. A very confined room filled with everything anyone would need for survival. It had food, a bed, books, a generator and a backup generator. He flipped the lever above the door and locked it down. He walked up the stairs of the panic room into the launching hub. He sat down in the launching chair and flipped the main switch in front of him. The room began to shake, the sound of an engine's roar is herd. The entire room detached and fired up through the volcano, causing a massive eruption of lava that wiped out the facility as he escaped in the self contained rocket. Hollow saw the volcano rumbling and smoking "ITS GONNA BLOW! EVERYONE OUT NOW!" he quickly yelled from his mech suit as he sprinted away as fast as possible. The insides of the facility began exploding in several places. This system was designed as a last ditch effort to completely destroy everything if the facility was ever compromised. 

The FSI employees and the BSI agents tried their best to escape but they were too deep within the facility walls to make it out. They all were either engulfed in flames or killed from the explosions. Rage had once again committed an atrocity. He had killed thousands of people. The Panic room rocket flew up through the air far away from the facility and landed on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. He spent the rest of his days thinking about the defeat of his empire. Hollow went back to the docks and boarded the boat in his mech suit. With a single blast of his laser, the entire dock and all FSI ships sank to the bottom of the ocean. Hollow sailed off back towards the BSI base to meet up with Fluke and Spud to celebrate the victory of defeating Fish Spider Industries and to mourn the loss of the heroes who died to stop Rage. "So, where do we go from here?" asked Fluke. "We go back to our normal lives, we close Bat Sheep Inspections for now but we leave this base here, In case we need it again. In case Rage comes back or a new evil force rises, We'll be ready and we'll unite again." said Hollow. "I'll stay here and keep watch of this place. I'll take good care of her, laddies" said Spud McCullough "We'll I guess I'll go back to the village. See you around." Said Fluke climbing on the back of his Flukeasaur and heading off. "Yeah, Its about time I go home too. Thanks for everything, spud." said Hollow as he walked away.